The S-POOL Is Coming To Florida

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Back in May 2018, the AQUA team covered an Israeli company called S-POOL, which produces prefabricated concrete pool shells. The technique was based on a process used to make bomb shelters, which are in effect turned upside down and made into swimming pools.

Following our coverage, the company began searching for U.S. firms to establish manufacturing operations in North America. That search led to Brad Davenport, owner/president of Pool City, a multi-service pool and spa company in Bonita Springs, Fla. After investigating S-POOL, Davenport decided to become the first U.S. manufacturer of the vessels with an eye on selling them in the highly competitive Florida market — and possibly beyond.

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“It’s an exciting idea,” he says. “When I looked at the S-POOL I could immediately see the tremendous potential. It solves the challenge of having to build a pool shell on site, which can be difficult, costly and time consuming for many builders. We believe it offers a new way to create swimming pools that will be a big help for builders looking for new ways to be competitive.”

Davenport says the ease of installation and reduced timeline will appeal to both builders and their customers. “It’s going to be up to the builders how they market and sell these pools,” he says, “and we’re definitely going to be developing our approach to the market as we progress. Right now we’re just at the very beginning.”

Pool City is currently looking at locations for its S-POOL manufacturing facility, which Davenport believes may be operational as early as March. He reports that his company is already taking pre-orders.  

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