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When you're in the joint, you talk about all the things you'll do when you get out. Big, thick Porterhouse steaks float before your eyes, or perhaps rows of beer glasses filled to overflowing. Maybe you imagine riding your Harley again.

Apparently, for one lady, a relaxing soak in a hot tub was high on the list. And who can blame her? A moment in a hot tub is a true liberation of the mind and body. It's a holiday from the everyday; or just a break from jail, as the case may be.

For straight to a hot tub is where Autumn Satterfield, 34, fled recently after breaking out of a detention center in Pike County, Ohio. She made her way to the nearest place of hot water wellness, nearby at the Bristol Village Activity Center in Waverly, and there she settled down for a nice, hot soak, delaying her relief not even so long as to change out of her yellow-orange jumpsuit.

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Meanwhile, the woman-hunt was on. Perhaps not realizing the obvious allure of hydrotherapy, local authorities including sheriffs' deputies, police, the State Highway Patrol and local fire departments combed the area for Satterfield but came up empty, finding only her discarded jail-issued shoes.

However, someone at the Bristol Village Activity Center thought it was odd that the lady in the hot tub was wearing a prison jumpsuit, and called 9-1-1. Satterfield was re-apprehended and returned to custody, but thanks to our industry's product, she was much more relaxed.

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