A Cruise on the SS Spacruzzi

3 U 324 Aq Spacruzzi2 Lg
All photos courtesy Spacruzzi

The Spacruzzi is an electric propulsion, self-heating, self-cleaning hot tub boat that comes complete with a gas-powered heater. This luxury product has been featured in the Robb Report, Architectural Digest, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Uncrate as the ultimate luxury product both for individuals, as well as boating and vacation rental owners.

Savvy rental property operations on VRBO and AirBnB β€” and boat rental companies β€” love this product because of its minimal maintenance cost and year-round rental potential for vacationers on lakes and other waterfront properties, as it's much easier to operate than, say, a sailboat.

3 T 324 Aq Spacruzzi1 Lg

Although this hot tub has a license for leisure boating, it still needs sanitization like any other, and features the MegaChlor salt-chlorine generator manufactured by ControlOmatic. Users simply place the electrode cell into the deepest part of the hot tub and allow the device to operate for at least 30 minutes. A visible stream/cloud of tiny bubbles provides a visual cue that chlorine is being produced.

Every Spacruzzi is handmade and production spots are limited. This product is so exclusive and in such high- demand that a non-refundable waitlist deposit of $2,500 is required to secure one in 2024. Created by entrepreneur Alex Kanwetz and his team, the hot tub is crafted predominantly from fiberglass, in a teardrop-shaped vessel that can be tailored to each owner β€” with high-end finishes available, as well as custom hull colors and decking. Buyers can also opt for extras, such as shade towers, floating drinks caddies and/or underwater lights.

3 V 324 Aq Spacruzzi3 Lg

According to the company, Spacruzzi complies with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations and has been approved to operate in many heavily regulated bodies of water in the United States. At only 13 feet long and 1,200 pounds, the boat is designed for easy transport and can be launched with a trailer, forklift, gantry, or dockside slip or mooring. The hot tub starts at $48,900. Boat build and delivery time can take up to 120 days, depending on the finish and features. The vessel is suited to either personal or commercial use. For more information, visit www.controlomatic.com

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