What's Hot in Portable Spas?

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With the hot tub industry going strong, it's more important than ever for retailers to carry a range of the latest and greatest portable spa models. Whatever the needs are in your market β€” price point, the latest tech, beautiful design, high-end hydrotherapy β€” there's a line for you. Below, take a look at just some of the hottest spas on the market (pun intended).



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Arctic Spas
Arctic Spas has taken its most popular hot tub and stretched it out to create the SUMMIT XL, the biggest, baddest hot tub Arctic's lineup. With this model, homeowners can comfortably accommodate more people, whether it's the family enjoying time together or friends having a good time. The shuttle seats are exactly the same as those found in the Summit model, the most comfortable and popular shuttle-style seats in Arctic's entire lineup.
arcticspas.com | (800) 309-1744



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Bullfrog Spas
Bullfrog Spas' STIL line continues to push the spa industry forward with modern designs that blend form, function, therapy and efficiency. New to the STIL line are updated exterior looks along with upgrades including the incredible EOS Enhanced O3 System. This ozone water-care system produces two times more ozone, mixes it more efficiently for better sanitation and filters out over 99 percent of residual ozone gas for a safer, simpler spa care experience, Bullfrog says.
bullfrogspas.com | (801) 565-8111



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Freeflow Spas
Introduce more customers to the joy of hot tubbing with the complete line of Freeflow plug-and-play spas. With seating options ranging from two to seven people, each spa features a durable, rotomolded unibody shell in sleek, contemporary designs with three color choices to complement any setting. The new full-color touchscreen display, multi-color underwater LED lights and built-in ice bucket provide high-quality touches to an entry-level offering, making it the perfect discussion starter with your customers.
freeflowspas.com | (888) 961-7727



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Cal Spas
With a footprint of 64-by-84-by-34 inches, the Kona PPZ-534L is a private oasis that can fit in just about anywhere. With its shorter profile, customers can enter and exit the spa with ease. The shell is larger and leaves room for exclusive features. Thirty-three strategically placed Candy Candy jets come standard.
calspas.com | (800) CAL-SPAS



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Diamond Spas
Diamond Spas' stocked portable hot tub, The Monarch, is the perfect solution for clients who prefer a standard design with a faster ship date. This five-to-six-person hot tub is fabricated with a stainless-steel frame and features removable access panels on all four sides for easy maintenance. Panel options include ipe, stainless steel, copper or no panels for a drop-in installation. Foam cover options are gray or brown; covers are ASTM certified.
diamondspas.com | (800) 951-7727



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Fabcote is pleased to offer its Sunmate spa in both round and square shapes with the option of 12 or 25 jets. Spas are 34 inches deep and 85 inches wide with dual adjustable air controls, 360-degree vortex skimmer, built-in filtration and a diverter valve for whirlpool action. They feature an interior embossed wave detail in either white or gray plus a spillover waterfall option.
fabcote.com | (800) 815-6083



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Artesian Spas
Artesian Spas has equipped its world-class exercise pool with a hydrotherapy spa to create the Dual Temp FitSpas, which are part of the company's Tidalfit line. Customers can choose the spa size and features that best fit their needs while enjoying a separate pool with the temperature maintained independently of the spa. They can be installed above ground or semi-inground.
artesianspas.com | (800) 817-7727



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Viking Spas
Viking Spas offers the only slip-resistant shell surface with beautiful, textured wood-grain cabinets, as well as exclusive vibration- and air-therapy systems that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Proudly built in the Midwest and family owned for more than 25 years, Viking offers a complete line of value to luxury price points.
vikingspas.com | (616) 248-7800



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Fantasy Spas
Fantasy Spas' comprehensive lineup offers seating options for up to five with a style and size to meet anyone's fantasy at an entry-level price. The rotomolded, unibody shell provides enhanced durability and the full-foam insulation provides energy efficiency. Each tub features a full-color touchscreen display and customized filtering and heating functionality. With 110-volt wiring, Fantasy spas are plug-and-play models.
fantasy-spas.com | (888) 961-7727



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Marquis Spas
The Marquis Celebrity Series hot tub collection has grown with four new models available in standard or Elite configuration. The Woodstock Elite seats seven and includes a lounge and super-deep therapy seat. It is also equipped with 51 high-flow jets and an explosive Whitewater-4 jet. Add matching Elite Environments steps and benches and Twilight LED lights for a perfect experience in and out of the tub.
marquisspas.com | (503) 838-0888



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Caldera Spas
Caldera Spas boasts a unique balance of comfort, design and performance while delivering a transformational experience that invigorates, inspires and renews, the company says. Caldera spas are engineered for exceptional quality, easy use and high energy efficiency, so you and your customers can relax with confidence.
calderapromises.com | (800) 669-1881



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Dream Maker Spas
Dream Maker Spas introduces the all-inclusive Cabana Suite, the first spa to include an umbrella, cover lifter, large Suite Steps with handrail, storage and planters, along with a built-in fountain, LED lighting, cooler and fold-down table β€” all in one complete package. All spas are manufactured in the U.S. using sustainable Syncrylic material, which combines the luster of acrylic with the durability of HDPE.
dreammakerspas.com | (888) 768-6772



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Nordic Hot Tubs
The Retreat SE features dual bucket seats and a barrier-free bench seat. The adjustable Nordic Star Jets and the Nordic Star Whirlpool Jet combine to deliver a powerful dual therapy system. The Northern Lights Package, standard on this model, features a redesigned Nordic Cascade Waterfall, which creates an ethereal, ambient lighting atmosphere. Dealership opportunities available.
nordichottubs.com | (616) 940-4036



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Coast Spas
Years of product innovation, development and field-testing have led Coast Spas to create the Cascade Series, its unique, luxurious spa line. For the first time ever, a vanishing- or infinity-edge design is available on a portable hot tub. This patented feature is more than attractive, it successfully eliminates two issues: water displacement from multiple bathers and the need for space-consuming skimmers.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111



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PDC Spas
The redesigned Luxury Series by PDC Spas delivers performance and style in five unique models featuring sleek, digital touchscreen control, brilliant LED lighting, cascading waterspouts and new Accenture contrasting cabinet design. Featuring sculpted lounges, up to 71 adjustable hydrotherapy jets and 73 oxygen therapy jets, LED lighting and enhanced water care with pressure-side filtration, ozone & UV-C system. Made in the U.S. and backed by a 35-year warranty.
PDCspas.com | (800) 451-1420



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Endless Pools
Endless Pools Fitness Systems offers eight models, all built with high quality and design in mind. Every Fitness System features resistance and strength-training options and hydromassage jets. Depending on the model, homeowners can enjoy the Endless Pools Swim Machine and optional treadmill or 3-5 airless swim jets, both of which provide a turbulence-free swim experience.
endlessfitness.com | (800) 999-4688



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Hot Spring
The Hot Spring Highlife Collection NXT models, designed in partnership with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, are the pinnacle of design, engineering and luxury, the company says. Exclusive features and innovative hydrotherapy offer the ultimate hot tub experience from a leader in the industry.
hotspring.com | (800) 999-4688



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Beachcomber Hot Tubs
Beachcomber Hot Tubs presents its 40th anniversary edition hot tubs, only available for a limited time. Featuring the three largest models across its signature series, the collection offers a wide range of hydrotherapy options with up to 192 customizable jets. Other features include exterior Star Trail LED corner lighting, Air Connect surround sound, a Roman arch waterfall and crescent moon ambient lighting.
beachcomberhottubs.com | (800) 663-6557



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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
Created with state-of-the-art design and innovation in mind, the new J-445 and J-435 models offer the perfect environment for a superior hydromassage. With more seat-height variety, adjustable headrest pillows and a stylish high-back design, owners can customize their hot tub experience from deep immersion to shallow soak. These models also feature revolutionary SmartTub technology, including the SmartTub app, which allows owners to control their tubs via smartphone.
jacuzzi.com/en-us/hot-tubs | (866) 234-7727



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Clearwater Spas
Clearwater Spas offers the ultimate in spa innovation and craftsmanship, resulting in a hot tub experience that it says is second to none. Specially targeted jets and seating configurations create a unique hydrotherapy sensation designed to replicate many professional massage techniques. Clearwater's proprietary Total Purity System combines four of the world's leading water technologies to create the first ever complete spa water purity system.
clearwaterspas.com | (800) 791-1190



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Sundance Spas
The new 880 Series Cambria and Marin spas have the best of everything and more, including new seat configurations, a dual-purpose beverage concierge, filter lid and Silent Spa circulation, Sundance says. Paired with revolutionary state-of-the-art SmartTub technology, homeowners can control their spa from their smartphone and stay in the know when the spa needs routine maintenance or service, making ownership a breeze.
sundancespas.com | (800) 883-7727


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