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September 2018 New Spa and Pool Products

Aq09 Splash Fountain People Tile

This month, we take a look at new and exciting pool and spa products, including the FrogLog, made to help critters escape pools, Abatron's Tread Spread, a slip-resistant coating, colorful fountains and more.



Aq09 Splash Cmpled Control Sm

CMP introduces a compact pool LED control with interactive LCD display. It's easy to install indoors in a standard light switch or outdoors in a weatherproof box. Get instant feedback and control with a colorful, modern user interface. Create schedules and custom shows with ease. Smart sync makes it compatible with other pool LED lighting. Select the program style at startup to control LED lighting from CMP and other LED lighting automation. | (800) 733-9060



Aq09 Splash Vibe70 Qwheels Sm

Vibe Element
The Vibe Element 70 Cooler with wheels is an ultra-durable 70-quart rotomolded cooler. The built-in wheels make transporting the cooler a breeze, while the 3-inch insulated walls keep ice from melting for days at a time. Each cooler comes with two bottle openers, an integrated locking system, a pressure-release valve, a heavy-duty carrying handle and other useful features. | (678) 938-8234



Aq09 Splash Fountain People Sm

Fountain People
The FXPRO Series LED lighting uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting for any fountain or splash pad. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the lighting provides an on-board DMX driver individually addressable with a DMX controller. These LED fixtures contain 18 RGBW color-changing diodes, and are capable of cord distances up to 350 feet (20 foot cord standard). Available in both freestanding as well as flush-mount configurations. UL/cUL listed and IP68/RoHS compliant. | (512) 393-5263



Aq09 Splash Pentair Ak110 Sm

Pentair's Acu-Trol AK110 water chemistry controller offers continuous monitoring and control of pH and disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rate. Records up to 36 days of sensor data internally in one- or two-hour recording intervals to meet California's Title 22 compliance requirements. Control and view data logs directly from the controller including ORP/PPM/pH/PPM/temp logs. On-screen data logging aids in maintaining daily records. Allows water chemistry changes to be made immediately from a computer anywhere in the world. NSF-approved and comes with a five-year warranty. | (800) 831-7133



Aq09 Splash Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total 3 In 1 Sm

Natural Chemistry
Pool Perfect Total now features three products in one bottle. First is a naturally based enzyme that breaks down pollen, sunscreens and non-living organic contamination to reduce filter cleaning and scum lines. Second is a phosphate remover to inhibit algae growth. The third and final ingredient is a clarifier that improves water clarity. Together, this product's formulation provides a total solution in one bottle. | (800) 753-1233



Aq09 Splash Abatron Tread Spread Sm

Tread Spread is an easy-to-apply epoxy coating that meets OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions. An ideal choice for commercial, industrial and recreational environments, Tread Spread bonds to a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass. Available in 2-pint, 2-quart and 2-gallon kits in two colors: safety yellow or slate gray. Each gallon allows for 12 square feet of coverage at 1/8-inch thickness. | (800) 445-7554



Aq09 Splash Froglog Print Sm

FrogLog is an animal-escape ramp for swimming pools that was developed and tested by a wildlife biologist. It can support animals up to one pound, such as frogs, lizards, ducklings, bats, chipmunks, mice, snakes, squirrels and many more. Multiple units can be used in larger pools. FrogLog is available for wholesale. | (240) 258-7723


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