Operation: Jumbo Drop

photo of helicopter carrying a swim spa

photo of swim spa drop

Herbie Breaux had a problem. The owner of Blackthorne Pools and Spas in Salinas, Calif., needed to place a 14-foot Artesian TidalFit Swim Spa in his client's backyard in the steep Aptos Hills. However, the trees surrounding the property blocked his delivery truck, and power lines overhead meant a crane was out of the question as well.

The swim spa was intended for a client, a paraplegic, to use as part of his physical therapy regimen. In addition, the homeowner planned to build a therapy center around the swim spa after its installation. The stakes were high.

What's a guy to do? Easy: Go over. (With help, of course.) A helicopter hoisted the 2,500-pound swim spa over the trees and power lines and into the backyard. "I didn't think it was possible, but they did it in six minutes like they did it everyday," Breaux says.

The mission cost the client $4,000, but to the client, Breaux and his team, it was worth every penny.

"Nobody else was going to do it," Breaux says. "We wanted to be the heroes."

Now that's what you call going "above and beyond."

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