Standard For Residential Spas Up For Public Review And Comment

APSP logoThe Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) announces the draft revision of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/APSP-6 1999 Standard for Residential Portable Spas and Swim Spas is available for public review and comment. Comments are due by Aug. 20.

APSP is seeking the approval for the revisions under the accreditation procedures with ANSI.

This standard is intended to cover factory-built residential portable spas or swim spas that are used for bathing and are operated by an owner. This standard does not cover non-self-contained spas, public spas, public swim spas or permanently installed residential spas or swim spas. 

To receive a draft of the proposed revision and to comment, contact Bernice Crenshaw ([email protected]), director, standards & technical information.

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