Hot Tub Boats Hit Seattle

photo of group relaxing in a Hot Tub Boat

photo of group relaxing in a Hot Tub Boat at sunset

Lake Union in Seattle is already pretty darn beautiful and relaxing. However, May brought an even more relaxing way to enjoy this one-of-a-kind setting — from the stern of a floating hot tub.

“Hot Tub Boats is a concept born out of necessity. Okay, maybe it was a bit more of a ‘want,’ but sometimes the line between the two is a bit blurry. That’s what living on a boat through many wet Seattle winters will drive one to create,” says the company’s website.

The company was created by a small group of shipwrights with a passion for luxury on the water. With this new business the group has maintained their commitment to preserve their community and help with job growth in the Seattle Metro area.

While there will be rules and limitations in place (no pets, alcohol or nudity), boaters will be free to take the Hot Tub Boats just about anywhere on Lake Union during their rental.

To find out more about Hot Tub Boats and how to rent them, visit

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