24-Karat Gold Hot Tub

photo of 24-Karat gold hot tub
photo courtesy Arcaro Martini

photo of Giacomo Arcaro and Roberto Martini

Giacomo Arcaro (left) and Roberto Martini

As children Giacomo Arcaro and Roberto Martini dreamed about a luxury life – of bathing in diamonds and relaxing in a tub of gold.

Obviously, for most people this is a fantasy much too rich to afford, and the same went for Arcaro and Martini. However, the lack of riches didn't stop these two Italian designers from acquiring exactly what they wanted.

"As we cannot afford such a life ... we decided to create it!" Arcaro says.

Arcaro and Martini successfully designed the world's first 24-Karat gold hot tub, complete with black leather trimming studded with Swarovski crystals. The gold interior is protected by a computer-aided application of a resin coating. This hot tub seats six people in its almost seven-by-seven-foot perimeter and three-foot deep space. It weighs 900-pounds dry and has a total of 67 jets.

You may think there aren't many people in the market for a gold hot tub, but the orders began pouring in within a few days of the initial press release for this outstanding spa. To check it out for yourself visit www.arcaromartini.com.

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