Pool Service Pro Urges The Industry To Buy American

Thanks, Scott, for a great introduction to April's issue ("High Notes, Low Notes," page 8).

You wrote that, "Even small children in America have learned the sad legend of the Asian manufacturing invasion."

Too many of us don't even pay attention to that. When buying company cars, service trucks, delivery trucks we should be buying ones with American names — Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge! Yes, I know the controversy about foreign cars being built here, and how that makes them OK to buy. Not so. The major portion of the profit still returns to a foreign country.

Let's do our part by trying to buy American products. I found most young people don't even know the names of the American car manufacturers. It is our job to educate them. It is our job to show up to work in an American vehicle.

When making purchasing decisions for pool and spa products it is not clear sometimes where things are manufactured. We should ask the people selling them, "Where is this made?" then make educated buying decisions.

We are Americans, working for the American consumer. Why would we want to support companies in other countries that are not buying products or services from us? We need to keep our money here, so hopefully it makes it back to us. Isn't that what we all want?

Kirt M. KleinerKMK ServicesPittsburgh

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