Waterfront: August 2007 - Aquatic Dutch Oven

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Aquatic Dutch Oven 

This funky tub (thankfully) supplies the heat without the fragrance.

Is that the bottom half of an orange pig, or a hot tub. Well, neither, if you insist a hot tub has jets. The handmade polyester Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub from Hammacher Schlemmer is made in the Netherlands, can fit four adults comfortably, and requires no electricity, hot water or plumbing.

Here's how it works: Water flows through the tub's lower pipe into the heating coil full of burning wood. It's then naturally circulated using convection, emptying hot water through the top pipe into the basin. It can be heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in two and a half hours, but if you can't wait that long, a cover is included for faster heating. The stainless steel basket that holds the firewood within the coil can be raised or lowered to adjust the heat. It's even got a beverage holder.

This portable wonder's price tag is β€” much like its jetted cousin's β€” not small. It's $6,000.

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