Waterfront: October 2010

Year-Round Enjoyment

The Royal Glenora Club taps OpenAire to keep things under cover

Nnn 1010 AqThe Royal Glenora Club, one of Edmonton, Alberta's most exclusive private clubs, recently built a new aquatic facility complete with a retractable glass OpenAire enclosure.

The new facility replaces an outdated outdoor pool that left many members in want for something fun during the off-season. The old pool was torn out and replaced by two pools - a lap pool and a shallow, kid-friendly pool. OpenAire then installed the 82-foot-wide, 175-foot-long and 24-foot-tall retractable enclosure.

"Now the Royal Glenora is able to offer members an outdoor feeling year-round," says Mark Albertine, president of OpenAire, "which is something that's pretty unusual in a place with such a short summer. And we've managed to reduce energy costs while increasing members' usage and enjoyment. It really is the best of both worlds."

Set Transplant

Regis and Kelly get a new set courtesy of GazeboCreations.com

Onn 810 Aq 1010Live! With Regis and Kelly spent four days this past July on a new set in Canada at Prince Edward Island, and Pennsylvania's own GazeboCreations.com supplied the perfect 10-by-20 home base.

"The producers of Live! were looking for an outdoor structure that could provide the perfect covered yet open venue for the hosts and their guests," says president Tim McTighe. "We were selected based on our ability to create the traditional look the historical setting demanded, as well as our ability to meet their tight time frame and international shipping needs."

The company's Belle Roof gazebo is "romantic and eye-catching," says McTighe, "and creates a great photo op."

Not only did GazeboCreations.com get on-air exposure, it received a link on the program's Website and was involved in show-related promotions.

Marquis Grants First Canadian Wish

Hot tub keeps 6 year old smiling

Qqq 1010 AqEarlier this year, Marquis Spas expanded its "In the Spirit of a Wish" campaign to include granting wishes in Canada in addition to the United States. Near the end of the summer, Carson, a Brantford, Ontario, resident, received his very own hot tub, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Marquis Spas and Great Escape Hot Tubs.

Carson's wish marks the first official wish granted in Canada by Marquis, and kicks off the company's new discount program to help grant hot tub wishes throughout the country.

"Marquis Spas and Great Escape Hot Tubs are really making a difference in Carson's life by helping grant his hot tub wish," says Jennifer Ritter, CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada. "We couldn't be more excited to have Marquis Spas on board supporting wishes in Canada. Marquis is an icon brand that has a long history of community support and focus on supporting youth and family. Together we will be able to give our courageous wish children [some relief from their illness] for years to come."

How The Magic Happens

An explanation behind building a pool 650 feet in the air

Mmm 1010 AqIt's a rare opportunity when AQUA hears from the builder of one of the fantastic hotel pools we've showcased in Waterfront. So we were surprised to be contacted by the Natare Corporation, the builders of the Sands SkyPark pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, with some interesting facts about their magnificent creation (see September "On Top Of The World" Waterfront).

Movement Joints and Submersed Connectors: The SkyPark pool is made up of three separate shells: the middle shell is constructed atop the middle tower while the outer shells are constructed on bridges that connect to the middle tower. The bridges between each tower were built with a 3-inch camber to accommodate the weight of the pool when filled with water.

Beneath the main pools are four movement joints, designed to help the pools withstand the natural motion of the towers. The largest movement joint can accommodate a total range of motion of 19.68 inches.

Jacking System: A custom jacking system ensures the pool's infinity edge will remain within its original placement and continue to function properly. The company created a scale model in an effort to troubleshoot and test different methods.

Space Limitations: Due to logistical constraints, Natare constructed most of the pool's components at its Indianapolis manufacturing facility. The 40,000 pieces necessary to construct the pool enclosures were then shipped in more than 30 ocean freight containers.

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