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The star of Fulton County, Ga., is most certainly the city of Atlanta β€” but another unassuming town within its limits hosts one of the most eccentric homes in America.

Just off of Cagle Road in Alpharetta, a private residence resembling a castle has garnered attention for decades. A wrought-iron fence lines the estate, and the home itself, featuring yellow glass windows and turrets, is accessible only by drawbridge. A moat doubling as a swimming pool surrounds its perimeter.

"My family moved to the area in 1977 when the castle was under construction," says a source online. "A local community newspaper wrote an article on the castle. [It said] that the man who built it was a truck driver, and he told his wife that he was someday going to build her a castle β€” this is the result."

That knight in shining armor is Rudy McLaughlin, who worked mostly by himself to make the dream come true for his wife Ruth. The castle was constructed using pink and white marble from the Georgia Marble Quarry in Tate, and granite mined near the Stone Mountain quarries. Mortar and concrete for the roof was tediously lifted in 5-gallon buckets.

In June 2019, Ocean Blue Pools of Alpharetta worked some of its magic on the pool, including the addition of an NPT QuartzScapes Super Blue finish.

"My friend's father built the pool back in 1987 or so," says a representative from the company. "We renovated it last year."

Enchanting as it may be, the residence is not open for tours, but passersby can park on the street outside to catch a glimpse for themselves.

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