Aspiring to a Swimming Pool Lifestyle

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A pool is a dream come true for the modern homebuyer, or at least that’s what a recent online analysis of prospective homebuyers suggests. For homebuyers looking for their ideal home in 2019, one of the words that appears the most in home descriptions all over the nation, regardless of price segment or region, is the word “pool.”

According to the most recent study by real estate website Point2 Homes, which examined 1.2 million listings across the U.S. containing 65 million words, keywords and phrases like “pool and spa,” “sauna,” “gunite pool,” “saltwater pool,” and “heated pool” were among the most-used terms in home descriptions on the portal.

Home descriptions across the U.S. also mention phrases connected to this top amenity: “pool house” and “outdoor shower” are some of the most popular features that agents mention in home descriptions. These elements, making an appearance in almost all home price categories and regions, point to the fact that such features improve home values.

These features and amenities should increase in value and desirability for potential buyers in the post-pandemic world, where a premium is likely to be placed on products that enhance the comfort and entertainment potential of the home.

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