SPEC Pool Drain Bill Approved By Senate Committee

SPEC logoA bill sponsored by SPEC has been unanimously passed by California’s Senate Health Committee. If passed, AB 2114  would ensure that the terms and requirements of Title 24 pool building regulations are consistent with the statutes governing the construction of public swimming pools and spas.

One of the principle issues addressed in AB 2114 is the elimination of the terms “drain” and “main drain,” which would be replaced with the term “suction outlet.” A suction outlet would then be defined as “a fitting or fixture typically on the bottom or the side of a pool that conducts water to the circulation pump.”  Additionally, AB 2114 makes it clear that a public pool can be constructed using alternative methods of conducting water to the circulation pump such as utilizing skimmers or perimeter overflow systems, so long as such systems comply with the water turnover requirements contained in Title 24.

“SPEC has been working with the Department of Health for a couple of years relative to the Title 24 regulations which implement new building standards for public pools,” said John Norwood, President of SPEC.  “Last year we reached agreement on most of the items we wanted to address.  However, there were a couple of issues that we could not address as we need to change the statutes first.  The main drain issue was one of these.  SPEC wanted to clarify that a pool can be constructed without the traditional main drain or drains.  AB 2114 accomplishes this goal by specifically providing for the construction of pools with skimmers or perimeter overflow systems to conduct the water to the circulation pump.  If AB 2114 is enacted into law, there will no longer be a requirement for a drain or main drain on the bottom of the pool so long as the pool can comply with the water quality standards.”

AB 2114’s committee approval means it will be brought before the Senate floor in August, after the summer recess.

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