Connecticut lap swimmer gets year-round dream pool

Www 709 AqWhen the Drakeley Pool Company built this Washington, Conn., poolscape for an avid swimmer, it pulled out all the stops. In order to give the homeowner the space she needed to keep up her daily routine, the company built a lap pool 75 feet long by 10 feet wide - large enough to compete with the average high school or college competitive swimming environment, says Bill Drakeley, president.

But the design was not without a challenge. "The weakest geometric shape is a straight line. It's just like this one big, long box, so we had to do a lot of different steel and concrete installations to make sure that once the frost got it, or the freeze/thaw pressure got it, it wouldn't snap. It's pretty cool," says Drakeley.

Although many pools are closed during the winter months in the Northeast, this homeowner wanted to make sure hers was built to stay open year-round.

"The pipes are below frost. They are all insulated," says Drakeley. "There is a major drainage system under the pool and the drainage layer, which constantly dewaters all the time so we have no moisture accumulation under or around the pool floor or walls."

The pool also features grass up to the edge for what Drakeley calls a "funky pool wall beam," where there is 6 inches of bluestone on both the horizontal and vertical surfaces.

"We kind of made the two together like an L-shaped piece, and the concrete construction underneath it had to come to a point and flare out."

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