Prosper, Texas residential pool project

Jjj 410 AqBackyard pools have always been known as a place to congregate as a family, and these homeowners wanted nothing less than the perfect area to evoke that familial togetherness. Kevin Gilster, sales manager for Claffey Pools in Southlake, Texas, maintained the family's list of must-haves, which included something very natural, soothing, entertaining and most importantly, fun.

This poolscape, located in the city of Prosper, features a 15½ foot Dolphin water slide situated around a 30-square-foot swim-up cave complete with four waterfalls. "You can go in there, sit on the bench and be enclosed in the cave," says Gilster.

Another family-friendly feature is the jumping rock. "We built this rock into the shell of the pool. It's kind of a neat piece." The rock measures 5 feet wide by 6 feet long and 2 feet deep and weighs nearly four tons, making it the perfect jumping off point into the 8-foot deep end.

"This design also features an oversized spa nestled alongside a large tanning ledge with a beach entry for the kids to play," adds Gilster, and "it's complete with bubblers."

For the moments when the family isn't splashing around, they can enjoy a variety of hang-out areas, including an 18 by 18 open cabana area with stone columns and a shingled roof.

Claffey also built a fire pit with a seat-wall bench just so this family could indulge in one of its favorite pastimes: roasting marshmallows.

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