Pool In A Pickup

photo of pool tile art
photo courtesy Geoff L. Johnson

The cost of pool installation and maintenance didn't stop this band from finding a way to escape the scorching heat without turning up the AC.

Black Tusk, a band out of Savannah, Ga., likes to put together a "pickup pool" to cool off after a sizzling hot gig. All they use is a pickup truck, a tarp, and a garden hose ("and a rubber duck for good measure," bass player Jonathon Athon adds).

Athon, along with guitar player Andrew Fidler and drummer James May, has been building pickup pools for about 12 years. "We have been building truck pools ever since we had trucks and didn't have pools. Oh yeah, we have always had trucks and never had pools," Athon says. "Drinking beer inside on a beautiful summer day is ridiculous when you can listen to the truck stereo, soak and drink outside."

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