Doll Too Real For Pool

photo of baby doll in a poolLast July at the Holmes Aquatic Center in University Park, Texas, a lifeguard told a mother she had to dress her daughter's lifelike doll in a bathing suit if she wanted to bring it back to the swimming pool because it was "creeping her out."

The doll had been floating in the water for several minutes when the 16-year-old lifeguard pounced and took it out of the pool. She then confronted the girl's mother.

According to the local CBS affiliate, the lifeguard said to the mother: "I've been watching this thing float around, and it's been creeping me out, and we've been getting complaints from people in the pool, so I removed it from the water."

The mother laughed, but the lifeguard told her other parents found the doll offensive, and that if they brought it back to the pool, it had to have a swimsuit on.

The doll is designed to look highly realistic. It has face wrinkles, clearly defined fingers and toes and even a spine.

Officials at the Holmes Aquatic Center said other visitors had complained it was too real, not offensive, and they hoped covering it up would make it look more like a doll.

The parents said they wouldn't be bringing the doll to the pool anymore. They certainly don't want to make any more waves.

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