Thursday Pools Receives Patent

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Thursday Pools has received a patent for its revolutionary Double-O7 Round skimmer (US Patent 10,961,736). This new skimmer provides a worry-free system to cut skimmers into fiberglass pools with a common, affordable hole-saw. A simple 6 7/8-inch standard circular hole cut helps with easy installation. This product saves time, money and requires far less skill than the traditional cutting of rectangular skimmers. This now-patented solution allows a rectangular weir to still be used in the skimmer assembly. The simple geometry of the hole makes it possible for even novice installers to install the skimmer without worry. Additionally, builders and installers will appreciate the fact that this skimmer easily allows for maximum skimmer height and position and the sleek design matches LED lights, returns, bubblers and other round features of the pool.

For a Youtube video with additional details, click here.

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