Your Renovation Destination: 2024 Renovation Product Focus

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The arrival of March goes hand-in-hand with the arrival of Spring, and when it comes to the pool/spa industry, it also means the busy season is closing in. As homeowners begin to consider upgrades, seize the opportunity to renovate and enhance their backyards. Discover a wide range of renovation products in the following curated section.



Haviland Pool & Spa Products
Stain Drop's Spot Stain Chalk can instantly remove tough stains from pool and spa surfaces to help renovate pools. This single solution quickly removes both metallic and organic stains by simply scrubbing the chalk directly onto the problem area. Safe for all hard surfaces including plaster, vinyl, tile, concrete and fiberglass. Perfect for renovating and repairing stained pool surfaces. Unused chalk can be dried and reused. Available in a hang-ready retail clamshell packaging with one easy-to-handle, 3-inch diameter chalk-puck. | (800) 333-0400





RENOLIT SOLID PVC Decking provides a safer solution for pool deck renovations. RENOLIT SOLID is a reinforced PVC membrane, created to renovate and waterproof decks on both residential pools, as well as in aquatic facilities. This 80-mil thick membrane renovates decks to make them waterproof and slip-resistant for safety. It's a great solution for common deck problems including cracks, chips, peeling paint and more. Provides long-term ease of maintenance. | (219) 324-6886





SeaKlear Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner breaks down and removes scale, film, oil and scum lines on pools. Perfect to use during pool renovations, the Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is non abrasive — it reaches down into pores to remove soils. This product can also be used on acrylic surfaces. It helps to remove stubborn scale and dull films at the waterline of the pool. | (800) 753-1233





Rico Rock
RicoRock offers a waterline coping made of high-density concrete mix that resists damage to freeze thaw, and the texture of the coping is not slippery, making it ideal for pool perimeters. Perfect for pool deck renovations, these coping products can be combined to resurface decks around pools. Not intended for large patios but makes a terrific transition material around pools. | (888) 717-3100





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools has a new renovation tool to offer the industry: The New FLASTM Ladder Anchor Saver. This innovative new product protects pool ladder anchors and sockets from the damaging effects of winter weather and ice. Simply stick it into the anchor hole to protect the anchor opening all winter long. Low-cost answer to avoid expensive, nasty deck repairs after the winter. Made in the United States. | (570) 344-4137





Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises' improved Light Doctor repair kit is a simple solution for broken tabs and slots on vinyl-liner light seal rings when renovating vinyl-liner pools. Fix broken or corroded tabs and slots on vinyl-liner sealing rings for underwater lights with this revolutionary product. Available in 8-hole and 10-hole fixture styles for both the top and bottom sections of the light sealing rings. In addition, for those looking to permanently enclose old light niches on vinyl liners, the Light Doctor also offers durable lexan discs that can be used on top or beneath the liner. | (800) 488-9146





Fountain People
Fountain People offers a beautiful, bronze deck drain cover for pool professionals and fountain builders who want to enhance the beauty of any deck or fountain surface. Ideal for renovation, this beautifully detailed drain cover uses classic motifs that complement both traditional and modern décor applications. Comes in a dark bronze color with hand-burnished highlights. Perfect for pool renovations by providing a unique, signature finish. Matching stainless steel drain sumps available. Made in the United States. Available for immediate shipment. | (512) 393-1155





Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools, manufacturer of innovative fiberglass pools, has created an elegant new water feature and lounging pool that can be added to any pool called the "Wet Deck," which is perfect for backyard renovations. This 8-by-14-foot fiberglass unit is just 12 inches deep, creating a terrific area for sunbathers, toddlers or those who just want to sit in a shallow spot to get their feet wet. Can be installed flush with the deck or raised with a spillway. Available in seven different colors to match the latest in backyard design. This exclusive product is designed to help pool professionals stand out from their competitors. | (877) 929-POOL





Natare Pools
PVC membranes from Natare Pools is a proven, cost-effective pool renovation system that is low maintenance, completely watertight and slip-resistant. The pool lining material is a flexible layer of PVC reinforced with an inner core of polyester mesh fabric, specifically designed for commercial pools and water features. Natare membranes are available in a variety of colors and textures that are custom-fitted and bonded on-site to ensure a completely watertight fit. | (800) 336-8828





Waters Choice
Waters Choice Concentrated Phosphate Remover removes phosphates from your pool, swim spa or hot tub water. In 10,000 gallons of water, 32 ounces will treat 10,000 ppb. The product features lanthanum chloride, which is proven to be the most effective and powerful solution for eliminating phosphate and allows for max strength. | (208) 949-2800



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