Project Renovation: 2023 Renovation Product Focus

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March marks the start of spring, and you know what that means — the busy season will be here before you know it! Now is the perfect time for homeowners to make some upgrades, add new features and browse solutions to preserve their existing backyard oasis. Choose from this selection of products, great for any sized project.



Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
The new Paddling Paws option for vinyl liners is an upgrade for the walls and steps of the liner. This option features a liner that is 30 mil thickness and has a unique topcoat designed to hide any scratch marks. Paddling Paws is also made using ReNew vinyl, the first high-performance pool vinyl to be certified as a sustainable product, the company says. Paddling Paws is available on Ocean Wave and on the new Sundara liner patterns. | (256) 367-0065





Blue Square Manufacturing
Thanks to Vivid 360 plug kits, in most cases new lighting can be installed using existing lighting cable — eliminating the need to pull new cable and simplifying installation. Blue Square's Vivid 360 line includes low-voltage LED replacements for industry-standard niches including Jandy, Hayward and Pentair. Blue Square's Nicheless line is perfect for 1.5-inch niche/wall fitting, fiber optics, bubblers and GloBrite niche (adapter sold separately). The adjustable niche tab allows more freedom with old niches and surface thickness. Blue Square's Vivid 360 Replacement LED is available with Grey or White Trim Ring. | (480) 612-6880





Featuring high-grade materials and fast, professional installation, Softroc's rubber paving solution is a cost-effective and safer alternative to traditional resurfacing options, the company says. Softroc's distinctive and cutting-edge safety surfacing applications and benefits are endless. Softroc surfacing is slip resistant, heat resistant, customizable, low maintenance, and long lasting. | (760) 334-5964





Z Poolform
Z Poolform is a reusable PVC form used to create decorative cantilevered coping. Interchangeable Form Liners will allow for a variety of different edge profiles and textures. Z Poolforms can be used with vinyl-liner, fiberglass or concrete pools and is compatible with most auto cover systems. The Z Poolform System is great for both new construction and deck remodels. | (570) 587-3799





Ramuc Pool Paint
For more than 70 years, Ramuc Pool Paint has supplied the pool and recreation industry with chlorinated and synthetic rubber, epoxy and acrylic pool coatings. Ramuc Pool Paint has the ability to protect and rejuvenate swimming pools, spas, slides and more. Whether you have a backyard pool or spa, or waterpark attraction, Ramuc's total coatings program offers you quality products, superior service and proven success, the company says. | (800) 745-6756





Introducing the new Midway Oval Low Fire Table from ARCHPOT. Cast in durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete and sized at 72 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 13 inches tall, the Midway Low Oval features a smooth, oversized table top for luxurious entertaining. Choose from a selection of beautiful finishes, high-quality ignition or burner systems, and fire glass or lava rock fire media. | (714) 895-3359





Deckorators Aluminum Rapid Rail features a clean and modern design, with a beautiful powder-coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion. In addition to a contemporary design, the product features square balusters and an innovative installation system offered in a textured-black finish that complements a variety of home styles, the company says. It is available in 6- and 8-foot lengths. | (800) 556-8449





SKIN Microplaster
SKIN Microplaster is a cementitious waterproof-finished membrane made of cements, fine-grained quartz and pigmented ceramic microspheres that can be used in and out of water. SKIN adheres to most surfaces, is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosive agents, and withstands high degree of movement, says the company. It can be applied to most substances with minimal prep, and it does not require start-up needed for plaster products. The liquid-compound mix is available in 3.0L resin/12kg bags (approximate coverage: 120 sf) and comes in 18 colors. | (949) 899-3353





OnDeck Waterproofing
The OnDeck system is a wearable surface waterproofing that also acts as a bond coat for applications where a durable waterproof barrier is required. It adheres to most surfaces, is resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents, and can withstand a high degree of movement. The same mix can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. The liquid-compound mix is available in its mixing ratio: 5-gallon pail/three 50-pound bags dry compound. The pigmented sealer comes in 10 colors, and it can be mixed onsite in a bucket. | (949) 899-3353





Natare Corporation
Natare stainless steel perimeter pool gutter recirculation systems are the ideal solution to busted plumbing, cracked skimmers, failed concrete gutters, and pools with minimal skimmer openings. Designed, manufactured and installed by Natare, we combine gutter and plumbing functions in a single profile to eliminate the need for additional piping, plumbing and external surge tanks. With their pool perimeter level design, continuous surface skimming takes place to remove debris, dirt and oil for clean and clear water. | (800) 336-8828





Kelley Technical Coatings
Zeron Premium Epoxy Pool Coating, by Olympic, is a high-solid, high-build pool finish that provides up to eight years of service. Zeron cures to a hard, glossy finish that resembles ceramic tile. Zeron resists staining, algae growth and imbalanced water chemistry levels. Zeron is easily applied and may be rolled or sprayed. Available in many colors, Zeron is ideal for any size commercial pool project, the company says. | (800) 458-2842





Rebound Pool Surfaces
Rebound is a revolutionary new surface that is soft, slip-resistant, and available in a variety of beautiful color blends. Designed to install directly over existing pool, deck and step surfaces, Rebound eliminates the cost and mess of expensive tear-outs. No expensive or complicated equipment is needed for installation. A perfect solution for your next pool or deck remodel, the company says. | (916) 919-7776





Smarter Construction monitoring for pool renovations, alarm inspection and pool safety is now available with CamerEye. Unlike traditional monitoring cameras, CamerEye is the most complete AI-camera safety system built for the pool industry to monitor, detect and alert on what matters most, the company says. With the Builder Portal, monitor all your jobsites during pool renovation with CamerEye, which allows you to better oversee and manage projects. Save time and money, improve quality control, reduce liability, and provide peace of mind with CamerEye. | (800) 906-2810





Anderson Manufacturing Company
Structurally reinforce concrete cracks quickly and inexpensively by installing Pool Grid Stitches to prevent further movement. This new and innovative crack repair solution is easier to install, less expensive and stronger than other options available on the market, the company says. The stitches feature high-tensile-strength carbon fiber and a unique woven design that installs quickly, and will not corrode or discolor plaster over time. Install Pool Grid Stitches before plastering to add value to any concrete pool renovation. | (800) 348-1316





The FLEXFLO A1A Peristaltic Metering Pump has been specially designed for commercial aquatics, resort facilities and water park installations. The A1A Peristaltic metering pump has a broad feed range of 0.01 to 100 GPD (15.8 LPH), making it capable of dosing a wide range of pool sizes, resort facility water features and waterpark features. The A1A's energy-efficient, variable-speed motor uses the latest motor and drive technology, which saves energy dollars over the life of the pump. With A1A, it's possible to save an average of $210 in energy costs over three years, the company says. | (714) 893-8529





Pebble Technology International
Pebble Technology International says it is proud to provide the "World's Most Trusted Pool Finishes." The company also offers Lightstreams artisan glass tile and a line of handcrafted stone and metal Fire & Water bowls — perfect for adding a touch of luxury and distinction to any poolscape. | (800) 937-5058





The Tild is a simple automation system that allows you to control your heat, pump and lights, all from your phone, regardless of the OEM. Connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and you can control your schedules for your equipment from anywhere in the world, the company says. This simple automation system allows you to have automation without breaking the bank. | (617) 304-5618





Nationwide Industries
Available in black and white, as well as 10 inches and 20 inches, the TRIDENT Magnetic Gate Latch offers a strong magnetic closure and significant vertical tolerance to avoid sagging gates. It features the Safe-Notch to ensure the gate stays closed even if climbed. If the cylinder is previously locked on the opened gate, the Latch When Locked feature will engage for added safety. A sophisticated, modern design with rust-resistant components, the TRIDENT Magnetic Gate Latch is easy to install and is backed by the Million Cycle Warranty. | (813) 988-2628



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