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Affinity Pool Products
Affinity No Phos Quick Tabs is the ultimate fusion of practicality, functionality and innovation for the control of pool water phosphates, the company says. One small, speckled, individually wrapped tablet β€” created using unique patent-pending chemistry β€” quickly removes phosphates in pool water. Packed with cutting-edge chemistry, the Affinity No Phos Quick Tabs empowers the user to take control of their phosphate challenge like never before. For easy phosphate removal, here's what to expect: Place the product in the skimmer, and this fast-dissolving product will not cloud the water. One tablet treats up to 10,000 gallons when used weekly or repeated until the desired phosphate ppb is achieved. Compatible with all sanitizing and filter systems β€” and requires no measuring or messy pouring and clean-up of cloudy water. Available for order now with a limited "Try Me" offer on pricing. Email Jim Melnicoff at [email protected] for more information.





Unelko Corporation
From the creators of the durable Invisible Shield Glass Coatings, protect your pool tile from hard water and mineral stains with Tile Shield β€” a nanoscale coating that bonds instantly to all glass and tile. This advanced protective treatment is a valuable investment for both professional cleaning contractors and end users, helping to reduce costly repairs and replacements, the company says. Put an end to the problem of unsightly calcium stains and keep your pool's glass and tile sparkling all year round. Unlike other products, Tile Shield is specifically designed to combat the issue of chalky calcium stains that are difficult to remove. Keep your pool looking new for years to come and avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs. Available through the manufacturer Unelko Corporation, known for innovative surface protection products and coatings, as well as on Amazon and Protect your pool tile and perimeter glass with Tile Shield.





The Beatbot AquaSense Pro is, according to the company, the world's first 5-in-1 robot pool cleaner providing comprehensive cleaning for your pool. It covers the floor, walls, waterline, and water surface while keeping the water clear with its cleaning agent dispensing system. Equipped with 20 advanced sensors, including two ultrasonic sensors, intelligent algorithms, and a Quad-Core 1.8GHz Processor, it can plan optimal cleaning paths based on the pool's environment. The industry-first 9-motor system offers unparalleled suction and mobility, supporting its vacuuming, scrubbing, filtering, skimming, and chemical dosing functions. With a dual-mesh filter, the AquaSense Pro captures large and fine particles, ensuring thorough cleaning. Additionally, it features automatic return to the edge, dot charging, app control, and more, making it the ultimate pool cleaning solution. | (833) 702-4399





Haviland Pool & Spa Products
Haviland's POOL RESCUE is designed specifically to help remedy pools that have been affected by weather or neglected. This high-powered additive makes it easy to remove leaves and other organic settled debris from the bottom of the pool. The product's non-staining formulation is compatible for all surfaces and all forms of sanitizers and salt chlorine generators. After application, leaves and debris will rise from the bottom of the pool to minimize manual labor in cleaning. With the pump and filter turned off, simply broadcast over the entire pool surface, then remove any debris floating to the surface of the water. The product provides an immediate reaction with lasting effects for hours. Available in a 20-pound pail. Made in the United States. | (800) 333-0400





Spazazz is ecstatic to announce its first "Aromatherapy + Spa Shock = Aroma Spa Shock" is here and ready to ship. Available in three amazing aromas: Tropical Paradise, Mentha Grove and Lavender Isla. Potassium monopersulfate, aromatherapy infused, and chlorine free. Sprinkle Aroma Spa Show into your hot tub 15 minutes before or after use for a clean aromatherapeutic experience. While you soak, add your favorite Spazazz Crystal or Elixir to enhance your experience. | (801) 785-4990





CPI Champlain Plastics
The aboveground pool step by CPI Champlain Plastics is compact and practical. This drop-in step is a must with any pool package, the company says. It has two solid handrails with deck brackets, a ballast system and adjustable feet to protect the pool liner. The aboveground pool steps also have a "light up" option with the universal LED light ACM-125C. It can be installed with the auto-lock exterior safety ladder ACM-124S. It is available in white and gray, and tested for 400 pounds. | (800) 660-4135





Step2 is expanding their product portfolio to include a line of high-quality, durable and stylish pool furniture and accessories just in time for summer. The aesthetically pleasing Vero line features high-performance constructions specifically engineered to withstand outdoor elements as well as use in any chlorine or saltwater pool at a low cost. The Vero Line includes Vero Chairs, Vero Lounger, Vero Lounger Loveseat, Vero Poolside Organizer, Vero Kids Cabana (pictured), Vero In-Pool Shade Table and Vero Family Accessories.





FireFighter1 is proud to introduce the FireFighter1 Fire Hose, which the company says is a game changer in home fire safety. Designed by, these innovative hoses connect seamlessly to pool pumps, offering homeowners instant access to pool water in fire emergencies. Engineered with fire-grade materials, yet lightweight for easy handling, the company's patent-pending design ensures cleanliness and accessibility. Featured in Shark Tank 2021, FireFighter1 is now available through 150-plus partners across the United States, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and soon Costa Rica. With a standard pool pump, users can reach up to 45 feet, delivering 110 GPM. You can secure your FireFighter1 today or join FireFighter1 as a trusted partner/installer.



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