Unelko Corporation: Tile Shield Protectant

Tile Shield 32oz

Tile Shield instantly bonds to all glass and tile, protecting it from damage for up to one year. As an advanced protective treatment, Tile Shield helps reduce costly repairs and replacements, making it a valuable investment for both the professional cleaning contractor and the end user. Stop the problem of chalky calcium stains and keep beautiful pool glass and tile cleaned in between the seasons. From the makers of the durable Invisible Shield Glass Coatings, there is now a solution product called Tile Shield, a proprietary nanoscale coating that combats the hard water scale and keeps the pool tile looking new for years to come, the company says. Now you can stop the problem and aggravated time, labor and money by protecting your tile and perimeter glass. It protects against unsightly pool stains, scratches, pitting and etching. It reduces or even eliminates costly repairs and replacements. Perfect for the professional cleaning contractor and end user, it gives contractors a way to offer a value-added service and the homeowner peace of mind knowing they can protect their pool remodel investments and keep it looking pristine.


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