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Franks Super Sticky Stuff New Improved 2024 (2)

Franks Super Sticky Stuff New Improved 2024 (1)

Frank’s Sticky Stuff is a unique board and foam spray adhesive in a canister that grabs and holds the pool wall board and wall foam for use in vinyl-liner pool construction. This very tacky sticky adhesive has been improved and is now SUPER STICKY STUFF — with a new formula that has been enhanced with 25% more solids to improve performance. Comes in a 30-pound adhesive spray canister that will spray a complete pool in three to five minutes. Simply place the canister in middle of pool with 25-foot hose and spray the entire pool. The canister will spray 20 to 30 pools with minimum application and six to 10 pools with full coverage. The sprayer comes with a comfort grip, easy-to-pull trigger that eliminates the cramped finger pushing spray tips on aerosol cans. The 24-inch wand makes it easy to spray deep end walls standing in the bottom of the pool. | (800) 488-9146 

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