New & Improved: March 2024

3 L 324 Aq Aiper Lg

Coral Smart Pool
Meet the world's first AI underwater security camera designed for swimming pool safety, according to Coral Smart Pool. MYLO sits in the corner of your pool, with two cameras that monitor the water from inside as well as out. Pictures from the pool get sent to MYLO's smartphone app, while a built-in alarm system within MYLO emits a sharp audio signal if its AI detects anyone drowning. Moreover, MYLO comes with a separate beacon unit that plugs into your home, too, alerting you when you're inside the house of drowning or any suspicious activity. The two cameras work in tandem to determine who's in your pool, and the AI is trained specifically to identify both struggle drowning as well as silent drowning, alerting you immediately.





Haviland Pool & Spa Products
Haviland is now pleased to offer a Liquid Stabilizer product that provides a liquid cyanuric acid that is more convenient to use, and it helps prevent chlorine loss in pool water due to sunlight exposure. This product instantly absorbs into the water with just a once-a-season application. Easy to pour and use. Dissolves faster than dry-flake stabilizer products and requires no pH adjustments. Available in 1 gallon container size. Made in the United States. | (800) 333-0400





Top-Up Turtle
Top-Up Turtle is an automatic pool level monitor and top-up valve. The product is designed to sit on the pool edge and connect to a standard garden hose. Top-Up Turtle optimizes your pool water level day or night without overflowing. It has a full adjustable water level, a nature-inspired design — and is manufactured from robust UV resistant materials. Anti-siphoning. Zero to 150 psi pressure rating. | (800) 680-3167





Poolside by CGT
Poolside by CGT now offers a new vinyl pool liner design that combines a stylish tile border with a complementary wall and floor pattern that is sure to become a classic, the company says. New 'Water Street' provides a modern twist on a classic design that pool owners will love. Using rich, vibrant blue hues, this pool liner pattern is printed on a medium blue base film with a complementary floor pattern that makes pool water sparkle. This new pool liner pattern is sure to enhance any backyard landscape. Available in both 20 and 28 mil thickness. | (519) 623-1633





Aiper has recently developed its next generation line of cordless pool cleaning robots: the Scuba Series. With a robot solution for every pool size, budget and cleaning need, the Scuba Series includes the Scuba SE, Scuba E1, Scuba S1 Pro and Scuba N1 Ultra, as well as the award winning Scuba S1. Developed to address the biggest consumer pool cleaning pain points, the Scuba Series is enhanced with first-of-its-kind technologies that achieve a more thorough clean and worry-free user experience. Aiper also announced its first-ever app for iOS and Android, giving pool owners more control, cleaning features, and pool monitoring options. | (866) 850-0666





CCEI USA offers its Vigipool App to provide pool professionals with an easy-to-sell and easy-to-install automation and pool management system for pool owners and service professionals. This app universe uses a simple interface to allow users to automate the temperature, lighting, filtration, pumps and pool water chemistry all from a smartphone. Ideal for pool professionals who want to offer their clients a comprehensive yet intuitive system. Clients and service professionals can access their pool data from anywhere in the world so long as their Vigipool device is connected to the internet. They can monitor their pool in real-time and receive alerts should their pool equipment have any issues or water chemistry falls out of balance. Secondly, pool professionals can now be more proactive with their account, having better customer touch points by providing remote monitoring of their pools and pool routes, providing clients with true 'white-glove' service, irrespective of the pool professional's location. | (424) 800-2191





Consolidated Manufacturing International
REV-SS is a revolutionary single-speed 2HP equivalent primary pool pump. It employs a unique high-torque, low-rev motor that operates at 1,725 RPM. The company's large impeller allows them to move over 130 GPMs, ensuring effective cleaning and proper water turnover. The patented impeller and pump design consumes minimal energy, making it certified with the DOE and CA Energy Commission as a primary pool and spa pump. The low-rev feature allows whisper-quiet operation. No automation electronics are needed to operate but it's fully compatible with automations from other manufacturers. Every unit is assembled and tested in Raleigh, N.C. | (919) 781-3411





Nidec / US Motors
The patented Neptune Hybrid is a lower cost, lower power motor offering significant energy savings for homeowners. For example, when operating at 50% of speed, the motor uses only 12 to 14% of the full speed power. It also meets 2025 proposed efficiency regulations from the U.S. DOE. The Hybrid features two motors: a high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor integrated with a control, and a standard PSC induction motor. The BPM provides variable speeds from 600 to 2,760 RPMs, ideal for circulating water in residential pools. At 3,450 RPMs, the PSC motor activates, providing extra power needed for pool vacuuming. | (888) 637-7333



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