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AQUA Product of the Month: Pentair
The Great Pool Automation Upgrade is On with IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit for EasyTouch/IntelliTouch Pool Control System. Put the latest pool automation technology in the palm of your customer's hands with the IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit for EasyTouch/IntelliTouch Pool Control Systems. It's an easy, breezy win-win! It's a business booster for you with thousands of pools eligible to upgrade to the latest technology, the company says. And it's easy to install. Use the current wiring and housing — just change out the bezel! The Upgrade Kit has all the benefits of the flagship IntelliCenter System, including reliability, versatility and expandability. It also has: an intuitive touchscreen for easier installation and setup to help you get out of the backyard faster; more consistent connections powered by AWS technology for increased reliability and stability, meaning fewer late-night service calls; proactive remote monitoring to keep all your customer's equipment and devices running smoothly; and a dedicated support from Pentair's automation specialists. And it's better for your customers with easy app control from anywhere, making pool enjoyment as effortless as a summertime float. The IntelliCenter System helps make pool life as easy as it should be. It's automation done right! Give your customers the latest in pool automation and turn it into more business for you. To dive in and explore, visit:



King Technology
FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas is the first and only complete swim spa sanitizing system purpose-built for the volume and temperatures unique to swim spas, the company says. It keeps swim spa water clean and clear for weeks – and you shock only once a month. FROG @ease kills bacteria 2 ways, with FROG Sanitizing Minerals and SmartChlor, a unique, patented type of chlorine that releases slowly and maintains a continuous low 0.5 to 1.0 ppm chlorine level at all times. Floats when working, flips when empty. It's self-regulating and uses significantly less chlorine for Cleaner, Clearer, Softer water that's Easier to manage.| (800) 222-0169



Protect-A-Child Pool Fence
Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Co. says it has now completed and introduced "what is the first major redesign of the removable mesh pool fence in 60 years." The new, patent-pending fence utilizes a unique "Curved I Beam" shape fence post constructed with the newest UV proof urethane composite technology. This new post shape and chemical makeup provides a radically strong fence post that is non-conductive and 150 to 400% stronger than all aluminum post options available. The design of the post eliminates the requirement of face screws and post molding strips for a clean, modern look and is the first ever, the company says, to provide a 100% hidden capture of mesh to post. The new fence is also now modular in length, allowing infinitely customizable section lengths from 3 feet to infinity. This also enables simple, inexpensive replacements of individual 3-foot panels of mesh vs 15-foot long sections should damage to a panel ever occur. | (772) 398-3400 



Watkins Wellness
Liquid just got smarter. FreshWater IQ is an in-line, self-monitoring salt system that tells the user what it needs to maintain clean, natural-feeling water. Watkin's patented smart monitoring technology, found only in combination with the FreshWater Salt System, automatically tests your water every hour and is more accurate and dependable than test strips. It then provides easy-to-follow recommendations on the spa's control panel to maintain clean, clear and balanced water. Relax, knowing your spa will tell you how to keep your water feeling naturally fresh and ready to enjoy! Designed exclusively for Watkins Wellness hot tubs. |


G&P Tools
PAC2019 Clean and Clear Drain Plug Tool — this ergonomically designed tool reaches the hard to access drain plug on several Pentair and Sta-Rite filters. Built with a longer handle for added leverage on extra-tight plugs. Made in the United States of steel with a rubber handle. | (573) 431-6998



Oxygen Water Products
New Pure & Simple Scented Spa Shock is a proprietary blend of oxidizing shock and aromatherapy fragrances for spas and hot tubs. Six different fragrances are packaged in clear jars with color-enhanced crystals for maximum retail appeal. Made from quality U.S. ingredients, Pure & Simple Shock will not cloud water, clog filters or coat surfaces, the company says. Use with chlorine, bromine or minerals. May be used as part of regular maintenance, problem-solving or for special occasions. Water quality is improved with each use. Free display rack available.



SKiM360 Products
Introducing the "SKiM360 Floater" — finally…anyone can SKiM! (Upper body strength optional.) This patent-pending central floatation assembly enables 360-degree rotational and directional control on and about the surface of pools and ponds. No need to support the weight of the skimmer and pole. The result is effortless and efficient skimming for everyone from water-safe teenagers to Pool Pros! "SKiM360 Floater" stays centered at the waterline regardless of the direction or speed of travel. | (716) 488-6109



Elevate your spa experience with Spazazz's innovative Hemp Body Soak and Spa Aroma Shock. The chlorine-free Spa Aroma Shock guarantees a clean, chemical-free hot tub soak, gentle on the skin, immersing you in an aromatherapy journey. With a unique formulation, it takes just 15 minutes before entering the hot tub to unlock the full benefits, enhancing both convenience and efficiency. The pinnacle of relaxation, the Hemp Soak boasts 1000 mg of hemp per 19-ounce bottle, delivering a potent and rejuvenating spa experience for both body and mind. Spazazz's unwavering commitment to quality positions these products as the epitome of spa essentials, ensuring a top-tier experience for every user, the company says. | (801) 785-4990 

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