Squeaky-Clean Solutions: 2024 Chemicals & Sanitization Product Focus

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The safety and peace of mind that comes from clean and clear water is priceless, not only for your customers but for you, the industry professional. Fortunately, industry-leading manufacturers have developed products to help your pools and spas stay squeaky clean.



Haviland Pool & Spa
Haviland Pool & Spa Products is now offering select sizes of water corrective and chlorine complementary chemistries in resealable, retail-friendly packaging. This new line of resealable, bagged balancers use a 'gusseted base' that allows the bag to stand independently on retail store shelves. Haviland is committed to bringing updated packaging concepts to the market, along with helping reduce the amount of plastics that are used in the packaging of products. Available in 5-lb and 10-lb sizes. Made in the United States.
havilandpool.com | (800) 333-0400





King Technology
FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas is a complete solution for swim spas. It kills bacteria in 2 ways, shock is required only once a month, it uses up to 75% less chlorine, self-regulates to keep a continuous 0.5 to 1.0 ppm chlorine level at all times, and creates fresh mineral water.
frogproducts.com | (800) 222-0169





Natural Chemistry

New Pool Perfect Max with PHOS Free by Natural Chemistry. This premier maintenance formulation cleans pool water in three ways: (1) continuously cleans the pool's filter and tile line to avoid scum lines and waterline rings, (2) helps keep problem-causing phosphates low, and (3) it uses advanced clarification technology to polish pool water to sparkle like never before. Simply add this product weekly, so pool owners spend less time and effort on pool water care. Highly concentrated so only one capful is needed per 10,000 gallons of pool water each week.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-123





CCEI USA's Oxeo VP automated controller is a connected, peristaltic chlorine/bromine chemical feed that automates chemical regulation. The OXEO VP measures the ORP and adds an oxidizer to the pool water if the ORP is below the defined limit value. Oxeo VP automatically adjusts the ORP of the water. Equipped with a color-changing LED light that changes according to the pool's water chemistry — changing from green, to yellow and red — to provide a quick visual indication if the water chemistry is balanced or falls out of the accepted levels for sanitized pool water. Plugs into any protected 120V outlet and sends alerts directly to mobile devices so users can check the water chemistry of their pool at any time. UL listed.
ccei-pool.com | (424) 800-2191





SmarterSpa+ now has a smaller control box for its saltwater chlorine generator for spas that includes chlorine control built into the cell — so it tests and maintains the chlorine in the water. SmarterSpa+ generates chlorine as needed and will never over-chlorinate the spa. The new, smaller control box (2.5-by-4.5 inches) mounts easily to the spa's skirt, then add salt and place the electrode into the water — it's that simple. Additionally, the unit comes with an improved, easy-to-use mobile app for automation control!
controlomatic.com | (530) 205-4520





SeaKlear's newly returned Pool Opening & Winterizing Kit contains what customers need for easy pool closings and openings, all in one easy-to-merchandise box. With a sleek new look, each kit includes SeaKlear Free and Klear, SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention and Remover and SeaKlear Metal Klear. These products remove phosphates, reduce oil, and control scum lines, algae and metals. The reversible package design is ideal for inventory purposes — just flip the box around to promote openings or closings.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233





Pro Series
Pro Series Boric Acid is a water enhancer that buffers and helps keep pool water balanced, providing crystal clear, soft feeling swimming pool water. Pro Series Boric Acid helps brominating, chlorinating or biguanide programs to work more efficiently. Designed for once-a-year use and topping off as needed, simply add 15 lbs of Pro Series Boric Acid into 10,000 gallons of water. Test borate levels twice a year (or more often if water is lost) and maintain a borate residual between 30 to 35 ppm to see amazing benefits all season.
proseriespool.com | (800) 753-1233





ProTeam Supreme Plus uses a new formula that requires no pH adjustments after application. This once-per-season pool additive can reduce overall chlorine usage and inhibit equipment corrosion, all while reducing eye and skin irritation, and maintaining a more stable pH and alkalinity environment. Compatible with all filtration systems, sanitizers and oxidizers, including salt chlorine generators. For use during pool openings and start-ups.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400





Stain Drop
StainDrop XpH phos-free-stain remover has been improved with a powerful formula that prevents and removes stains as well as discoloration and scale caused by metals and minerals. This product is now highly chlorine tolerant and works in a wide pH range, making it ideal for pool openings. Compatible with all pool surfaces and sanitizing systems, including salt chlorine generator pool systems. StainDrop XpH is available in 1-quart, 5-gallon and 55-gallon sizes for all commercial pool applications.
poolstaindrop.com | (800) 333-0400





Pool professionals looking to provide an easy winterizing addition can offer AquaPill's WinterPill, a highly concentrated closing product that works through the winter. WinterPill reduces off-season scum lines, keeps water crystal clear and helps to provide a faster turnaround at opening. WinterPill's concentrated formula can be used with all sanitizers, is compatible with all pool surfaces and will not affect pool chemistry. Newly improved instructions provide a simpler, easier usage experience with fewer steps for product application.
aqua-pill.com | (800) 753-1233





Revitalize your spa ritual with Spazazz's Spa Aroma Shock. This cutting-edge marvel not only cleanses effectively, but also reveals a unique twist. It has three invigorating aromatherapy blends, setting it apart from traditional spa shocks. Bid farewell to mundane chemical odors and embrace the future of relaxation. This revolutionary formula ensures a swift return to your hot tub oasis in just 15 minutes, seamlessly blending efficiency, speed and an enticing aroma. Spa Aroma Shock redefines relaxation, transcends expectations and revolutionizes your spa ritual.
spazazz.com | (801) 785-4990





EasyCare Products
EasyCare Products proudly introduces the ultimate spa water experience with Spatec and Beautec for Spas. Both products perform well in all types of spas and hot tubs. EPA approved. Spatec maintains your spa water pristine and crystal clear, while Beautec for Spas keeps surfaces and equipment free of calcium deposits and grime.
easycarewater.com | (559) 299-7660





Bio-Dex Laboratories
Aqua Pure Algaecide by Bio-Dex removes and prevents algae, has long-lasting protection, the copper color provides a brilliant look and clarity, is economical and is guaranteed to work when used as directed.
bio-dex.com | (623) 582-2400





Clear Comfort
Designed for multi-housing community pools and spas, the new Clear Comfort CCW100 Dual AOP supplemental sanitation system delivers healthy and refreshing water — with less needed costs, time and chemical use. Powered by a patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP, the CCW100 Dual easily handles high batherload and protects from things chlorine alone can't, reducing costly chemical reliance. The new CCW100 Dual AOP system design flexibly fits pump rooms with minimal footprint and saves maintenance time with an annual 15-minute cartridge exchange. Additionally, the CCW100 Dual is protected with an industry-leading five-year warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee and live support.
clearcomfort.com | (303) 872-4477





Waters Choice
Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate is an NSF-tested, highly concentrated, non-toxic treatment. No closing chemicals needed! Winterize easily and affordably while eliminating harsh chemicals. Their enzymes are compatible with all systems, available in 16-ounce, 32-ounce, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon options. Trust the proven solution for pool water care!
waterschoice.com | (208) 949-2800





Silk Water Solutions
SilkBalance Plus was designed to enhance the feel and function of all saltwater hot tubs and saltwater systems and works great with all spas. You can now enjoy soft water and skin, balanced pH and alkalinity, and odor-free water when you use SilkBalance Plus, the once-per-week solution. It is specifically designed to optimize the hot tub experience and also eliminates the need for excessive chemicals. It is safe, environmentally friendly and reduces your time and effort. The 76-ounce bottle of SilkBalance Plus will last four months.
silkbalance.com | (236) 982-0723

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