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Product of the Month: PowerStep
PowerStep is thrilled to unveil its latest product, the PowerStep Spa Stair. Engineered to elevate the spa experience, this premium spa accessory is set to revolutionize the industry with its exceptional features and quality. Designed to fit most 5-foot or larger spas perfectly, the PowerStep Spa Stair ensures easy access and adds convenience for spa enthusiasts. With its larger width, customers can enjoy seamless entry and exit, eliminating any hassle and discomfort. | (888) 237-3668





RENOLIT reinforced PVC membrane is a commercial grade decorative and watertight surface finish for residential and commercial swimming pools, decks and splash pads. Offering a solution for customers dealing with pools and decks experiencing chronic repairs such as cracking, flaking, peeling and delamination. Suitable both for new build and renovations, and its compatible with any surface, making it watertight and slip resistant.





Black Oak Foundry
Inspired by California Missions architecture, Black Oak Foundry's cast bronze Short Mission Scupper is a popular water feature within the design community for its uniquely chic and classical accent. The scupper's subtle and clean flowing lines make this a highly versatile architectural element especially for outdoor living designs — including pool, spa and fountains — where tranquility is the desired motif. | (949) 305-7372





Master Spas
Master Spas has announced the latest addition to its Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub lineup — the Valaris. This revolutionary contrast therapy tub offers two separate bodies of water designed to redefine recovery and performance for athletes and wellness enthusiasts alike. The Valaris is the second product in the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub lineup, following the success of the Alpine cold tub. Combining the benefits of cold water immersion with the comfort and therapy of a hot tub, the Valaris offers the ultimate contrast therapy experience in one product. Users can tailor their experience to their specific needs. Choose to immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of the hot tub side for relaxation and muscle tension relief. Alternatively, opt for the cold water immersion side to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and accelerate recovery. For the ultimate wellness experience, combine the two sides as part of a contrast water therapy routine, reaping the full benefits of both hot and cold therapies in one session. | (800) 860-7727





CCEI USA's TILD automation system provides a simple and affordable entry-level automation system that is easy for pool professionals to sell and install. Perfect for pool owners who want to start using automation to manage their pool, the TILD system can manage the pool's heater, lights and pump — all from a simple app on any smartphone. Ideal for existing pool owners who want to automate pump room equipment, regardless of the equipment brand or age. This UL- and ULC-certified system gives pool owners the ability to control water temperature, lights, and pool pumps with the CCEI's VigiPool app. Great for pool service professionals and retailers looking for unique products to distinguish themselves from competitors and increase revenues on every pool by selling this simple, affordable, entry-level automation system. | (424) 800-2191





Rebound Pool Surfaces
Don't repaint or replace your aging pool steps, Rebound them! Perfect for covering old, unsightly fiberglass patches and stains, Rebound can be applied in a single day with minimal tools. Color blends can easily be customized to match pool liners using a simple online blend simulator. Contact the company today for more information! | (916) 417-7526



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