July 2023 New Pool & Spa Products

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Product of the Month: The Spa Living Collection
The new Spa Living Collection, from Infinitree, is a beautiful line of furniture and accessories designed specifically for the 10-foot space around the spa. Infinitree, out of Oakville, Canada, makes many of the most beautiful spa cabinets for major spa brands in the United States, and the company's proprietary synthetic wood can be found (along with aluminum and resin wicker) in these high-quality, specialty grade pieces.

The collection comes in two neutral color tones that complement almost any brand and/or color of spa cabinet. Woodland Oak brings a rich medium brown tone, while Weathered Teak offers an elegant silver-grey tone.

The line-up features the innovative Banff privacy screen (shown) that can be folded down from its privacy position to a bar-shelf with footrests, allowing guests to comfortably pull up to the outside of the spa and chat to those in the water.

The Telluride spa-side storage box is a large, sturdy aluminum framed deck box (also shown) that offers both top and front-door opening options, with plenty of space for your essentials. Other items include a useful towel caddy, a spa-side dining table and backless/chair-back seating options.

Many of the items feature convenient towel hooks/towel bars, and the collection focuses on expanding the spa experience so that the tub is the center of your entertaining space.

Interested dealers should contact Craig Smith, VP sales & marketing at:
[email protected] | (262) 501-2580





UltraPure Water Quality
Trust your water to BlueForce by UltraPure! Introducing the all-new line of BlueForce products. The BlueForce O3 line of ozone generators are best in class, says the company. UltraPure has designed these units to be durable, efficient, service friendly, and affordable. The all-new BlueForce UV systems are easy to install, easy to use and an amazing value. You can also combine a BlueForce O3 with a BlueForce UV to get an amazing AOP system. Adding BlueForce by UltraPure to your pool will save time, money, chemicals and water changes. The company invites you to do right for you and your customers and include BlueForce on all of your pools.
ultrapurellc.com | (877) 281-7603





Silk Water Solutions
SilkBalance Plus is specially formulated for saltwater spas. As an advanced water conditioner for all spas, SilkBalance Plus leaves the spa with a freshwater feeling. SilkBalance's formula is designed to enhance the feel and function of all saltwater hot tubs and saltwater systems, and works with all spas. It is safe and environmentally friendly, and reduces the time and effort associated with using other systems or chemicals.
silkbalance.com | (694) 551-1609





Stain Drop
Scale removal is one of the more difficult matters to resolve in pool care. Ultimately, the best solution is to drain the pool and acid wash the surface, wasting both water and the life expectancy of the surface. New-and-improved Stain Drop No. 2 is a specialty, acid-based treatment designed to eradicate scale from surfaces. Treatments often are quick but can take up to 10 days. Stain Drop No. 2 is definitely a better alternative, the company says, to the time needed to prepare the pool for a whole lot of brushing by hand.
poolstaindrop.com | (800) 333-0400





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. has developed the next-generation PowerTouch automatic pool cover controller. This industry-exclusive technology, the company says, is 100% toolless, providing one-finger torque limit adjustment. Rather than having to lift heavy auto cover lids, this system allows users to make adjustments with the touch of a finger in seconds, not minutes. With "back-lit" buttons, the PowerTouch is easy to see both by day and night. The controller now also has easy-to-read "open" and "close" buttons and a simple checkmark button, making it more intuitive for users to operate. The PowerTouch is faster and easier to operate than traditional mechanical torque limiters and is proven to increase the lifespan of cover ropes and drive components, says the company.
automaticpoolcovers.com | (800) 878-5789





Aquatic Access
All Aquatic Access Pool Lifts are green machines, powered solely by water pressure from a hose or a plumbed-in line. The 2.2 gallons of water used to lift the seat are drained into the pool as the seat descends, replacing evaporated water, for net zero energy usage. No batteries, charging, motors, electronics, or complicated maintenance, which provides the utmost reliability and immediate availability without having to call an attendant, as is required by the ADA. Simpler is smarter.
aquaticaccess.com | (800) 325-5438





Pul Products
Pul Products, LLC is pleased to introduce a disruptive new standard of in-floor cleaning technology. The company says its PUL Conekt in-floor cleaning system is the only system to combine smart technology with an innovative cleaning process custom-engineered for every pool. It is the first system that utilizes an easy-to-use proprietary smartphone PUL Conekt App to control and monitor a custom zone-by-zone cleaning program that intentionally moves debris from the furthest points of the pool to the Hydro Trough debris collection zone and drain. The PUL Conekt System is easy to use, effective, and efficient in keeping pools clean and virtually maintenance-free. It can accommodate any pool size ranging from a small play pool to a large, resort-style luxury pool.
pulproducts.com | (602) 278-3531





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools offers a convenient 3-in-1 water testing kit that is packaged in a clear, resealable vinyl bag for easy display, storage and sales. This easy-to-use water testing kit allows users to check total chlorine, bromine and pH in pool and spa water. Using clear, easy-to-read instructions printed on the bag, this product is perfect to sell at the checkout counter or for service techs to provide to their clients for use in between service calls. OTO and Phenol Red refills available for the reusable, resealable bag.
jedpooltools.com | (570) 344-4137





Belgard's Bordeaux Series offers a timeless, stacked stone design with smooth cast stone accents. Outfit an outdoor space with any combination of the Bordeaux fireplace, linear fireplace, linear fire table, grill island, or wood boxes to create a unified design experience. All fireplaces and fire pits are available as wood-burning but can be fitted for gas-burning log sets or burners.
belgard.com | (877) 235-4273





The Kokido Xtrovac 200 is a cordless, rechargeable pool cleaner with PowerBlade technology, proven to clean up to 40 square feet of pool in 2.5 minutes. With powerful, unrestricted flow technology, it also features a light-weight design at 1.5 pounds for easy maneuverability, an external micron filter bag that has a 1.14-gallon debris capacity, a direct-drive motor, and advanced filtration system to effectively clean dirt debris and other contaminants that can turn pool water acidic.
kokido.com | (852) 2342-3008



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