Mindful Conservation: 2023 Energy-Efficient and Water-Saving Product Focus

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A lot of today's consumers are focused not only on energy efficiency, but a zero-waste lifestyle. These energy-efficient and water-saving products will help to keep those values top-of-mind, helping your customers enjoy a summer of backyard fun.





The IntelliFlo3 Variable-Speed and Flow Pool Pump is the only pump with patented sensorless flow technology for effortless optimum flow that adjusts to pool conditions. NSF-50 certified and UL-listed, IntelliFlo3 has the power to self-adjust and offers slower speed and regulated flow save energy. The IntelliFlo3 is Department of Energy compliant, meets ENERGY STAR 3.0 standards, and operates on a 15-amp breaker, as well as a 208 voltage. The IntelliFlo3's designed airflow keeps components operating at lower temperatures for efficiency and prolonged life.
pentair.com | (919) 566-8000





Hayward Pool Products
The TriStar XL is a game changer for large residential pools, feature-rich pools or complex pool pad configurations. Engineered for performance and versatility, the TriStar XL delivers increased flow from extra-large, 2.5-inch-by-3-inch unions, the removable strainer housing allows for more adaptable pump configurations, and the oversized strainer basket reduces cleaning and maintenance.
hayward-pool.com | 1-888-HAYWARD





Speck Pumps-Pool Products
The BADU Pro, Speck Pump's flagship pump, was designed with pool service pros in mind. A drop-in replacement for both the Hayward Super Pump and Pentair SuperFlo, it directly replaces the majority of pumps on the market, the company says.
usa.speck-pumps.com | (904) 739-2626





Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
Tara's HD Mesh safety cover fabric is now available in a brand new color — gray! Top-of-the-line safety covers are now available in this sleek and modern shade, providing both an added layer of protection for the pool and a stylish look for the backyard. Plus, the tightly woven HD mesh fabric blocks 99% of sunlight which prevents algae growth and water evaporation.
tarapools.com | (256) 725-2500





Poolside Tech
The Attendant, a cloud-based automation system, is continually monitoring your equipment, water quality and temperature to determine the most energy-efficient way to have your poolside oasis ready when you are.
poolside.tech | (267) 810-0600





Blue Square Manufacturing
The Vivid 360 LED Replacement Bulbs are engineered to replace most existing pool and spa bulbs to deliver more colorful and vivid lighting than ever before. The company's line of pool and spa bulbs are available in 12 volts and 120 volts and come in three color options. The Vivid Bulbs with an E26 fixture base feature an advanced microprocessor with wide-angle, high-output LED chips. Guaranteed high-speed LED performance and bright, vivid light output. Easy to install, fits in standard pool bulb sockets and housings. Easy-to-use on-off toggle switch, use toggle to switch between the color settings on the RGB bulbs.
bluesquaremfg.com/bulbs | (480) 612-6880





Magic Plastics
QwikLED was created because of a demand for new LED lighting in older pools. Approximately 95% of pools in the United States still have older pool light niches, making it impossible to replace them with a new small LED light, says the company. This has been a problem for not only pool owners but individuals working in the pool industry for years. Now with QwikLED, you can make these benefits of LEDs a reality for all pool owners. LED light not included.
magicplastics.com | (800) 369-0303





GreenStory Global Pool & Spa Filtration
GreenStory Global Pool & Spa Filtration's CYA Remover Pouch works by removing CYA through a simple process of adsorption, which allows for the reduction of CYA in the water without draining your pool. The filter media in the pouch has a large surface area and a high-binding capacity, resulting in the rapid removal of CYA from the water. Traditionally, the only effective way to reduce CYA build-up in a pool was to drain the pool and refill it with fresh water. That is no longer necessary with the GSG CYA Remover. Save money, time and water!
greenstoryglobalpoolandspa.com | (704) 800-4200





Natural Chemistry
The ProSeries Liquid Cover gives pool professionals a simple solution to offer to customers that want to create a liquid barrier at the surface of the pool water to protect from energy loss by decreasing heat loss and evaporation in swimming pools — eliminating the need to physically place and remove a pool cover. It's important to point out to pool owners that every gallon of 80 degrees Fahrenheit pool water that is lost to evaporation is the equivalent of losing 8,729 BTUs of energy! Pro Series Liquid Cover's advanced mono-layer technology dramatically decreases evaporation and heat loss to keep pool water warm while reducing heating bills.
proseriespool.com | (800) 753-1233





Aquatherm Industries
A solar pool heating system made by Aquatherm Industries, Inc. uses the sun's free and renewable energy to maintain your customer's pool at the perfect temperature. A solar heater can add up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the pool owner a longer, more comfortable swim season. Made from UV-resistant polypropylene and NSF-50 certified, the durable commercial-grade solar panels are warranted by the manufacturer for 12 years when installed by one of its Master Dealers.
aquathermsolar.com | (732) 905-9705





CCEI USA's Phileo VP automated controller provides energy-efficient chemical regulation as the unit's motor only activates during dosing, saving energy usage. The Phileo VP automatically tests and monitors pH levels in pool water and adjusts chemicals in the water as needed. The peristaltic dosing Phileo VP comes equipped with a color-changing, LED light that changes according to the pool's water chemistry — changing from green, yellow and red — to provide a quick visual indication if the water chemistry is balanced or falls out of the accepted levels for sanitized pool water. The energy-efficient Phileo VP plugs into any protected 120-volt outlet and sends alerts directly to mobile devices so users can check the water chemistry of their pool at any time. UL listed.
ccei-pool.com/us/ | (424) 800-2191





Fountain People
Fountain People's FXPRO Series RGBW12 Spot LED color-changing energy-efficient light fixture illuminates underwater, wet or dry locations. This low-voltage, programmable light fixture has an onboard DMX driver for more control and includes an angle-adjustable yoke to position the fixture as desired. The unit may be anchored to a finished floor or wall. Freestanding, 3.2-inch diameter, 316L stainless steel construction, 12-watt LED color-changing light fixture with (3) RGBW diodes (4000K White).
fountainpeople.com | (512) 393-5263





Nature's Care
Evaporation is a significant contributor to water and heat loss in water. Nature's Care water surface nano-layer protection instantly prevents evaporation and, therefore, saves energy because it keeps the heat in the pool water. This environmentally friendly product provides an invisible layer of protection that can't be touched. It can either eliminate or complement cumbersome solar covers in saving water and energy. Apply the Instant Cover directly to the skimmer, with only a small amount needed to cover the surface area of the pool. Add weekly or after intense rain. Made in the United States.
naturescarepool.com | (800) 333-0400





Cyclone Filter Cleaner
The Cyclone Filter Cleaner is a highly efficient and eco-friendly solution for pool technicians looking for the best way to clean their cartridge filters. It speeds up the process, minimizes back strain, and reduces water usage by up to 65%. Cyclone uses hose water pressure to spin the cartridges as you clean them and reduces mess. This transforms a tedious task into a fun and effortless experience, making it the preferred cleaning method for pool techs, the company says. Give it a try, and you'll never want to go back to cleaning filters the old way.
cyclonefiltercleaner.com | (615) 971-9442





Kayden Manufacturing
Kayden Manufacturing, Inc. brings you the Pool Bladder. Developed for the pool professional, the Pool Bladder is a simple-to-use, high-capacity, temporary water storage unit. Use an ultra-portable Pool Bladder unit when doing a liner change or anytime a pool needs to be drained for maintenance. If you are a pool professional and dump perfectly good water into the sewers more than a few times a year, then you'd benefit from some Kayden Pool Bladders.
kaydenmfg.com | (201) 880-9898





UltraPure Water Quality
If you'd like cleaner water with fewer chemicals, take a look at the all-new lineup of BlueForce O3 ozone generators by UltraPure Water Quality, LLC. Simply adding ozone to your swimming pool can reduce chemical consumption by 70 to 80%. Ozone is the most efficient oxidizer available and handles the bulk of your oxidation needs. This allows a very small amount of chlorine to handle the sanitation portion of your water care, saving money, time, chemicals, and water changes. Cleaner Water, fewer Chemicals.
ultrapurellc.com | (877) 281-7603



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