March 2023 New Pool & Spa Products

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Product of the Month: Rebound Pool Surfaces
Rebound is a revolutionary new surface that is soft, slip-resistant, and available in a variety of beautiful color blends. Designed to install directly over existing pool, deck and step surfaces, Rebound eliminates the cost and mess of expensive tear-outs. No expensive or complicated equipment is needed for installation. A perfect solution for your next pool or deck remodel, the company says. | (916) 417-7526





King Technology
Empty FROG hot tub Cartridges from King Technology are now recyclable. FROG hot tub Cartridges are prefilled, which makes hot tub water care easy. People don't have to measure anything, they simply open the package and insert the Cartridges into their hot tub system according to package directions. In addition to ease of use, prefilled Cartridges keep potentially hazardous contents away from contact with people. Once the Cartridges become empty, they will be collected and processed into raw material, and then made into useful items that everyone can enjoy. | (800) 222-0169





Rico Rock
Rico Rock's new Creative Application line of water features allows pool professionals to create a fully customized water feature by combining the Rico Rock standard waterfall kits. In just a few days, installers can create a completely customized water feature using standard kits. Unlike real stone that is heavy and hard to manipulate, these modular water fountains are made of compact, lightweight, cast concrete that are easily mortared together to create consistently beautiful waterfalls, the company says. | (888) 717-3100





Kingsley Bate
With its angled backrests, luxurious cushions, and extra-deep seats with flexible sling decking, the Montauk series by Kingsley Bate exudes comfort. Frames are made of solid distressed teak wood and painted in a Vintage color that highlights the natural characteristics of the wood, such as knots, checking and other irregularities. The collection includes a sofa and a lounge chair. | (703) 361-7000



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