February 2023 New Pool & Spa Products

Designed for pumps used in pools, spas and industrial applications, ePropelled creates efficient motors that allow manufacturers to save energy and money.
Designed for pumps used in pools, spas and industrial applications, ePropelled creates efficient motors that allow manufacturers to save energy and money.

Product of the Month: BWT POOL PRODUCTS
Ever wish for an advanced-level robot with dual drive motors, double filtration and a four-year warranty on an intuitive, Bluetooth-enabled, speedy unit weighing less than 13 pounds?

BWT's ADVANCED PRO line features this and more, with two stage planetary gear technology and a dual drive system that's sure-footed on every surface.

• ADVANCED PRO 100 (up to 32-foot pools) and ADVANCED PRO 150 (up to 40-foot pools) are each warrantied two years and clean floors with 1.5-hour and 2-hour cycles respectively, single filter, PVC brush and 66 gpm suction.

But the Bluetooth-enabled ADVANCED PRO elite models are the story here.

Four-year warranties on ADVANCED PRO 250 with three cleaning cycles, double filtration and 66gpm suction for pools up to 50 feet.

Three-year warranties on ADVANCED PRO 600 APP with three cleaning cycles, a hyperfine micron filter and 88 gpm suction for pools up to 60 feet.

Distributed exclusively by Heritage Pool Supply Group, one of the largest privately held wholesale distributors in the U.S.
heritagepoolsupplygroup.com | (214) 491-4149





Deckorators, a leading brand of UFP Industries, introduced its Vista Composite Decking, now with enhanced traction, at last year's DeckExpo in Las Vegas. Vista Composite Decking features vertical grain variegation with enhanced traction and slip resistance. Available in four colors — Ironwood, Driftwood, Silverwood and Dunewood — in 12-, 16-, and 20-feet lengths in solid and grooved edge profiles, the Vista line offers ultimate design flexibility, including the option to effortlessly mix-and-match two or more colors to create a custom outdoor space.
deckorators.com | (800) 556-8449





Waterco's MultiCyclone 16 is a first stage filtration device, which is designed to capture up to 80% of the incoming dirt load prior to the main filter, which then significantly reduces filter maintenance and saves backwash water — not to mention improving water circulation. The installation of a MultiCyclone before a filter can reduce its backwash frequency, resulting in savings of up to 1,800 gallons of water per year for an average, residential-sized swimming pool.
waterco.com | (706) 793-7291





Pro Series
Pro Series Boric Acid is a water enhancer that buffers and helps keep pool water balanced, providing soft and clear swimming pool water. Pro Series Boric Acid helps brominating, chlorinating or biguanide programs to work more efficiently. Designed for once-a-year use and topping off as needed, simply add 15 pounds of ProSeries Boric Acid into 10,000 gallons of water. Test borate levels twice a year (or more often if water is lost) and maintain a borate residual between 30 to 35 ppm to see amazing benefits all season.
proseriespool.com | (800) 753-1233





Fountain People
Fountain People's FXPRO Series RGBW12 Spot LED color-changing light fixture illuminates both fountain and splash pad spray effects. This fixture has an on-board DMX driver for more control and includes an angle adjustable yoke to position the fixture as desired. The unit can also be anchored to a finished floor or wall. Freestanding, 3.2-inch diameter, 316L stainless steel construction, 12-watt LED color changing light fixture with three RGBW diodes.
fountainpeople.com | (512) 393-5263





Millboard Decking
Millboard Decking says its product is virtually indistinguishable from real wood, yet outperforms it on almost every level — and it's "the only decking hand-molded from natural timbers for unmatched texture and variation." Unlike timber boards, or even some conventional composite boards, Millboard Decking features a strong polymer core which provides structure while also resisting the elements. These boards require minimal maintenance, are slip resistant and won't warp or rot from moisture decay, algae or harbor insects. Millboard Decking and siding products combine the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of a hybrid of polyurethane, the company says. Each board is carefully hand-colored in the realistic true-to-life tonal shades and, with a variety of colors and textures available, it appeals to all styles.
millboard.com | (651) 231-4766





ARCHPOT is a premier manufacturer of architectural site furnishings for commercial and residential applications, the company says. Products include Fire Tables, Fire/Water Bowls, Fire Bowls, Burner Systems, Water Bowls, Planter Water Bowls, Planters, Recycle Systems and Outdoor Furniture. For over 30 years, ARCHPOT has been creating large scale GFRC Planters and site furnishings made in the U.S.
archpot.com | (714) 895-3359





Designed for pumps used in pools, spas and industrial applications, ePropelled creates efficient motors that allow manufacturers to save energy and money. The new electric motors are compact, lightweight and their quiet performance makes them more comfortable for consumers. ePropelled's SM1650 Pool Series and SM3000 Pool Series motors deliver an environmentally friendly product that gives users the opportunity to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions by replacing their motors and systems with improved designs.
epropelled.com | (978) 703-1350





The SplashBotix SplashValve is a fast-acting diverter valve that significantly improves flow control within fountains and aquatic features by enabling designers to run any number of independent effect nozzles on a single supply manifold, the company says. The SplashValve replaces water switches, solenoid valves and independent effect pumps to provide proportional flow control for each effect nozzle while maintaining near-constant manifold pressure. Capable of switching between full effect and bypass in less than a quarter of a second, the SplashValve is hyper responsive and enables highly advanced water features and effects.
splashbotix.com | (512) 894-3534





Clearwater Pool Systems
Clearwater Pool System's pH PURE controls the pH with CO2 instead of acid. The PH-50 balances a customer's pool every day, so there's no more pH bounce. CO2 has been used on commercial pools for decades and is now available for residential pools. With a cost that's 1/5th of traditional chemicals, it's ideal for your customers, the company says. Whether ensuring proper finish curing with a balanced pH, or keeping chlorine efficient at the proper pH, it's sure to save you time and money with fewer callbacks. Builders know how important proper chemistry is. When the vulnerable finish isn't allowed to cure correctly, it can be ruined or have years taken off how long it should last.
clearwaterpoolsystems.com | (800) 756-7946


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