June 2022 New Pool & Spa Products


Product of the Month: JobTread

JobTread provides end-to-end construction management software that helps pool builders manage all their processes, from pre-construction to project completion. The platform creates a central location to manage jobs, teams, documents, photos, finances, customers, vendors, sub-contractors, and more. Its budget-first approach creates financial transparency at every stage of a project, the company says.

The software launched in January 2021, and the company recently released major updates to its estimating and budgeting solutions. Fully customizable tools provide builders and contractors with the power to oversee multiple jobs and manage their financial performance to achieve target profit margins.

The budget is easy to use, and provides numerous options to analyze job performance in real time. JobTread’s cost catalog and project templates simplify the process of creating budgets and automate pricing. In doing so, builders and contractors can more accurately bid their jobs in less time and stay on top of their numbers throughout the course of a project.

Get organized, complete your projects on time, and increase your profits with JobTread.
jobtread.com | (972) 388-1001





King Technology
FROG’s free FROG Water Care App helps you to test and troubleshoot pool and hot tub water care issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Step-by-step instructions and how-to videos will help you to diagnose a problem. The app can also connect customers with their local dealer to open expanded purchasing options. The only app compatible with FROG Test Strips and FROG @ease Test Strips.
frogproducts.com | (800) 222-0169





Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools is pleased to offer a flat-bottom sports pool designed to accommodate lounging as well as active play for all ages. This pool offers full-width steps at each end of the pool and a long bench area that adjoins the steps, providing more seating options. The flat-bottom, standing depth is ideal for volleyball, basketball, water aerobics or lap swimming. This pool is autocover ready and comes with Thursday Pools’ exclusive non-skid, gel coat finish for safe entry and exit. The pool is also available in seven different colors.
thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-POOL





WaterGuru has introduced TREAT, an Al-powered solution to simplify pool care. Compatible with all chlorine types and salt water pools, TREAT works to measure and track real time pool chemistry, dispense chemicals as needed, and balance pH and chlorine on a continuous basis with minimal effort from the pool owner. For $795, this state-of-the-art pool system dispenses the lowest amounts of chemicals necessary so owners can enjoy water that is gentle on the eyes, skin, and hair — and it’s better for the environment.
waterguru.com/products/waterguru-treat | 1-844-989-GURU (4878)





Cardinal Liners
Cardinal Liners offers a new overall pattern called Seaglass that provides a full print throughout to create the look of hand-laid mosaic tiles. This pattern is printed on a rich blue base and uses small accents of gold speckles and a vast array of blue and aqua hues that make the water sparkle in sunlight. This pattern adds a sense of luxury to the pool’s aesthetic, the company says. Available in 27 mil thickness for both replacement liners and new pool liners.
cardinalliners.com | (800) 723-1011





Renolit, maker of weld-in-place PVC membrane for pool liners, now offers a new designer PVC membrane called Alkorplan Touch-Vanity. This product gives both residential pools and commercial aquatic facilities a high-end designer look to match the latest in outdoor décor, the company says. This new textured liner membrane pattern is inspired by nature, and imitates the look and feel of white marble using a white base color with subtle threads of gray throughout. This 80-mil thick, reinforced membrane can be used for new pool construction, or it will completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools. Available for immediate shipment.
renolit.com/pool | (732) 569-7750





Anchor Industries
Make the outdoors even more enjoyable with the Capri Cantilever Umbrella. This teak wood cantilever umbrella is easy to assemble and position, providing maximum shade to the area underneath. The teak wood and stainless steel create a comfortable, cozy, and trendy outdoor living space, ensuring long-lasting comfort. With four colors to choose from, any open-air space becomes a decorative, comfortable place to quietly relax or enjoy lively conversation, the company says.
anchorinc.com | (812) 867-2421





New for 2022, Deckorators has introduced the color Sedona to its Voyage line of mineral-based composite decking. Sedona is a warm earth tone, inspired by desert landscapes and the red-rock buttes of Sedona, Ariz., which complements existing earth tones in the line including Costa, Mesa, and Khaya. Together, these earth tones coordinate with design trends, which take inspiration from nature to create a roster of new neutrals, the company says.
deckorators.com | (800) 556-8449





Water Tech Corp
Water Tech is pleased to now offer the Volt 550Li — a cordless, rechargeable, residential pool robot loaded with innovative features. The Volt 550Li robot provides two different modes in maintaining a cleaning cycle of up to four hours or everyday up to 30 minutes per day. Programmable cleaning cycles both daily and in weekly intervals. Filters 7,200 gallons of water per hour and uses high-capacity filter bags that capture large and small debris, including sand, silk and dirt, to keep pools as clean as possible. Comes with rechargeable Lithium battery and a three-year limited warranty.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800





Rico Rock
Rico Rock now offers a new, 4-foot quarry block-style waterfall bench for fast and easy installation on new or existing swimming pools. Made of cast concrete, this waterfall kit is designed specifically to meet the demand for contemporary-styled waterfall features on pools. Roughly the size of a loveseat, the 4-foot Quarry Block Bench is perfect for children or two adults. The 24-inch weir is included, adding a lovely waterfall effect, and the textured stone cap prevents loungers from slipping off the bench. Includes a hollow cavity running under the cap to add lighting. Perfect upsell product for pool professionals. Made in the U.S.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100



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