In the Clear: 2022 Chemicals and Sanitization Equipment Product Focus

All pools, no matter the shape, size or material, depend on good water chemistry. Proper balancing is key to a comfortable, healthy swimming experience — and water maintenance ensures the prevention of algae, bacteria, equipment issues and more. Browse the latest assortment of products engineered to keep waters crystal-clear.





Pentair’s NSF-approved BioShield Ultraviolet (UV) Commercial Systems helps improve swimming pool water and air quality and can also help reduce chemical usage, potentially lowering operational costs and providing an affordable solution for aquatic facilities. The BioShield UV system also provides secondary disinfection, which can help reduce the combined chloramine levels to help improve the air quality of aquatic facilities. | (800) 831-7133





With the power of Oxone shock oxidizer, customers can enjoy healthy, safe and swim-ready water in just 15 minutes after application — all with an oxidizing shock that is easy to use. Oxone monopersulfate compound delivers all the oxidizing power of chlorine shocks without raising the chlorine concentration. By using the power of active oxygen to remove organic contaminants, pool and spa water quality is restored without forming dangerous chlorinated by-products. With regular use of products containing Oxone weekly oxidizer, chloramines are minimized, there is no chlorinated smell, no eye or skin irritation, and swimsuits won’t fade. | (800) 441-9408





King Technology
Hot tub shocking is easier with FROG Maintain non-chlorine shock. This product comes in a convenient single-dose pouch, and hot tub users consistently add just the right amount — not too much and not too little. It dissolves rapidly; in 15 minutes, water is clean and crystal-clear, the company says. FROG Maintain is cyanuric acid free, ensuring no cyanuric acid buildup. Formulated to keep pH buffered, this product doesn’t affect the pH level, either. | (800) 222-0169





The HASA Liquid Feeder is a hassle-free solution for sanitizing backyard swimming pools. Designed to deliver HASA’s high-performance Sani-Clor sodium hypochlorite liquid pool chlorine in regular, timed intervals, the HASA Liquid Feeder provides crystal-clear water quality. This automated feed system is ideal for pool service professionals and pool owners alike, and offers the best cost per use sanitizing method on the market, with no increased cyanuric acid (CYA) from trichlor tablets, the company says. | (661) 259-5848





Chlorine Genie
No chlorine? No problem. Chlorine Genie produces chlorine using a patented technology that combines an electrolytic cell submerged in salty, brine-softened water, reverse osmosis, and a descaling system built right into the unit. No need to put salt in your pool: Instead, imagine water without harsh chemicals, toxic additives or dangerous irritants. This product also adjusts pH with a flip of the switch, reducing the use of muriatic acid. The Chlorine Genie is the proud winner of Best in Show - Equipment Pad at the 2021 Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. | (800) 970-7616





Jack’s Magic Products
The Sapphire Stuff is known as an effective multi-use clarifier that produces incredibly clear water fast. Now, it’s getting attention for being used as a powerful flocculent at a fraction of the cost of other flocs on the market, the company says. This product will not affect pH, is compatible with all pool sanitizer systems, increases filter efficiency and helps to prevent scaling, staining, scum line buildup and foaming in pools and spas. | (800) 348-1656





Easy Care
EasyCare Products proudly introduces the ultimate spa water experience with Spatec and Beautec for Spas. Both products perform well in all types of spas and hot tubs. EPA-approved Spatec maintains your spa water pristine and crystal clear, while Beautec for Spas keeps surfaces and equipment free of calcium deposits and grime. | (559) 299-7660





N. Jonas
For more than 70 years, N. Jonas has helped pool and spa companies cash in on their branding and make more sales with its private labeling service. Simply submit your logo or artwork, and N. Jonas will silk-screen it onto top-quality chemicals. Don’t have a logo? N. Jonas can help design one for you. Products are sold at competitive prices for fast sales and dependable profits. Same-day shipping available. | (800) 523-6533





Natural Chemistry
The Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit makes monthly maintenance of salt water pools easy, the company says. This kit contains a combination of unique technologies that have been specifically formulated for chlorine generators. It provides the ideal pool water environment to continually protect the cell from life-shortening issues caused by scale. This kit treats up to 20,000 gallons and helps take the guesswork out of salt water pool maintenance. | (800) 753-1233





RAMUC Aquatic Coatings
Ramuc’s Clean & Prep solution is ideal for cleaning pool surfaces before closing for the winter. This product helps ensure the pool walls are clean and ready for faster pool openings in the spring. Designed to remove all oils, debris and other contaminants that form on the pool surface during the season, this solution efficiently cleans and de-greases while simultaneously dissolving mineral deposits, the company says. For use on painted surfaces, bare plaster, concrete, gunite or fiberglass. This product is VOC-compliant, odor and fume free, water-rinse neutralized and biodegradable. Made in the U.S. | (800) 745-6756






ThomsonTec has a full line of copper/silver ion systems for inground pools, aboveground pools and spas. Easy installation and operation are of great importance: Digital readout on the controller allows accurate setting for extended life of the electrodes with control of copper levels. Pool pros can assure water quality for customers and savings on chemicals while seeing greater profits, the company says. Systems are ETL and CSA listed for electrical certification. | (800) 646-2224





SilkBalance Plus is a new advanced water conditioner specially formulated for salt water spas. Bathers can now enjoy soft water and skin, balanced pH and alkalinity, and odor-free water with this once-per-week solution, the company says. SilkBalance Plus is specifically designed to optimize the hot tub experience, eliminating the need for excessive chemicals. This product is safe, environmentally friendly and reduces the time and effort associated with using other systems or chemicals. The 76-ounce bottle of SilkBalance Plus will last four months. | (360) 392-2832






Pool professionals looking to provide an easy winterizing addition can offer AquaPill’s WinterPill, a highly concentrated closing product that works through the winter. WinterPill reduces off-season scum lines, keeps water crystal clear and helps to provide a faster turnaround at opening. WinterPill’s concentrated formula can be used with all sanitizers, is compatible with all pool surfaces and will not affect pool chemistry. Newly improved instructions provide a simpler, easier usage experience with fewer steps for product application. | (800) 753-1233





SeaKlear’s newly returned Pool Opening & Winterizing Kit contains what customers need for easy pool closings and openings, all in one easy-to-merchandise box. With a sleek new look for 2021, each kit includes SeaKlear Free and Klear, SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention and Remover and SeaKlear Metal Klear. These products remove phosphates, reduce oil, and control scum lines, algae and metals. The reversible package design is ideal for inventory purposes — just flip the box around to promote openings or closings. | (800) 753-1233






Nature’s Care
Nature’s Care brand now offers QuickCure, a fast-acting clarifier formula that speeds up the pool cleaning process. This clarifier quickly removes heavy deposits of non-organic contaminants in pool water, including dead algae, pollen, rain pollution, grease and much more. Ideal for use during spring cleaning and pool openings. This product is made in the U.S. and is available in a convenient 2-quart bottle size. | (616) 365-9515





Stain Drop
StainDrop XpH phos-free-stain remover has been improved with a powerful formula that prevents and removes stains as well as discoloration and scale caused by metals and minerals. This product is now highly chlorine tolerant and works in a wide pH range, making it ideal for pool openings. Compatible with all pool surfaces and sanitizing systems, including salt chlorine generator pool systems. StainDrop XpH is available in 1-quart, 5-gallon and 55-gallon sizes for all commercial pool applications. | (800) 333-0400






ProTeam Supreme Plus uses a new formula that requires no pH adjustments after application. This once-per-season pool additive can reduce overall chlorine usage and inhibit equipment corrosion, all while reducing eye and skin irritation, and maintaining a more stable pH and alkalinity environment. Compatible with all filtration systems, sanitizers and oxidizers, including salt chlorine generators. For use during pool openings and start-ups. | (800) 333-0400





Clear Comfort
Clear Comfort’s AOP now fits in all types of portable spas, swim spas and lifestyles. By harnessing the power of Clear Comfort’s patented AOP, the CCW25 delivers the easiest way to get the best and healthiest spa and swim spa water. Designed for simplicity, the CCW25’s flexible design is easy to integrate, use and enjoy without toxic chemical handling after every use. The CCW25’s full-flow water treatment minimizes chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels than drinking water, the company says. In addition to having a three-year system warranty, the CCW25 system only requires an annual one-minute cartridge replacement. | (303) 872-4477






Pro Series
The Pro Series Liquid Cover gives pool professionals a simple solution for customers that want to extend the swimming season. This product decreases heat loss and evaporation in swimming pools, eliminating the need to physically place and remove a pool cover. Pro Series Liquid Cover’s advanced mono-layer technology forms an invisible, one-molecule-thick mono-layer on pool surfaces. This dramatically decreases evaporation and heat loss to keep pool water warm while reducing heating bills. The product also saves water by reducing the need for water adjustments. | (800) 753-1233





Capo Industries
Capo Industries, a leading manufacturer of pool and hot tub water treatment products for over 45 years, offers SpaBoss, a complete line that includes sanitizers, balancers and specialty chemical products. With SpaBoss, spa owners can maintain clean, safe, crystal-clear water with little effort. | (800) 263-8250






Protect-All Supreme quickly removes and prevents stain and scale. To use, raise the water, apply the product, and Protect-All Supreme will remove scale in 48 hours, according to Bio-Dex. It controls metals, including rust, iron and corrosion problems, and helps stabilize pH. One quart treats 20,000 gallons. In addition, Protect-All Supreme can be used as a tile cleaner and acid wash pre-treatment product. It can also be used in tandem with Aquadex 50 Stain-Off for quick metal removal. | (800) 617-3477





Waters Choice
Waters Choice Enzymes are a safe, simple, powerful and affordable treatment for spas, pools and swim spas. Once-a-month application of Pure Enzymes for Spas dramatically reduces chlorine consumption and removes organic contaminants, eliminating the need for other harsh chemicals. Waters Choice Enzymes are NSF-50 Certified. Users only have to drain a spa once per year, saving time, money and water. | (208) 949-2800






Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic currently offers two ozone systems: Nordic PURE and Nordic CLEAN. Nordic PURE is a combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies. This two-step process has more sanitizing power, less hassle, and significantly reduces residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential, the company says. This option is not available on Nordic’s Bella or All-In-110V models. Nordic CLEAN is an electronic advanced plasma gap ozonator. It converts oxygen to ozone, is more energy efficient than UV ozone generators and is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost. It is available on all Nordic Hot Tub models. | (616) 940-4036



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