The Show Goes On: 2021 PSP Expo Show Products

This November, the PSP Expo returns as an in-person event. After nearly two years of separation, industry pros will be able to reconnect and catch up on the latest in technology and products. Here's a preview of what will be on the show floor in Dallas.





Hayward Industries
The Universal HC Series dual-fuel gas heater is an ideal fit for pads of all sizes, sliding easily into tight spaces bulky gas heaters can't manage. It delivers maximum performance in a minimal amount of space, thanks to a small footprint and zero wall clearance. This product also features innovations like a no-kneel top panel and an ability to change fuel sources with a simple twist. That all adds up to a small-but-mighty heater that's as easy to service as it is to install. | (908) 355-7995 | Booth Number: 1305





Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
Silver Falls is a new pattern for 2022. Shade Escapes by Tara can transform any backyard into an ideal space for gathering with family and friends. Available in a range of popular colors, the company's custom or ready-made sun shades will enhance outdoor living spaces. Made from 340 GSM HDPE fabric, each sun shade comes with 3/16 stainless steel cable and D-rings. Shade Escapes are built with heavy-duty reinforced corners for maximum lifespan. Protect your loved ones from the harmful rays of the sun and create a comfortable environment to enjoy the outdoors, year-round.
| (256) 725-2500 | Booth Number: 1815





Viking Capital
In 1999, brothers Greg and Bill Powell joined forces to create a one-stop-shop for desirable pool financing options and eliminate the hassle for pool builders to offer financing to their customers. Swimming pool financing has changed significantly since the company's inception, but Viking Capital's core values and mission have not. Today, Viking Capital acts in the capacity of "consultant," working with lenders to pair pool buyers nationwide with the best swimming pool financing options available. | (904) 686-1702 | Booth Number: 1723





AquaStar Pool Products
AquaStar announces its new Pipeline cartridge filter, available in two sizes: PLF27000 for up to 27,000 gallons, and PLF35000 up to 35,000 gallons. This filter delivers top-notch hydraulic efficiency and filtration performance, approaching that of DE filters (claims backed by NSF International Certification test results, the company says). Designed with a pro's time, safety and comfort in mind, the double-locking system automatically opens the O-ring seal while the lid remains fully locked. This innovation prevents the buildup of pressure until the filter is fully unlocked. At the same time, it makes opening and closing the housing quick and easy. | (443) 823-2770 | Booth Number: 2317





King Technology
With Instant FROG, chlorine lasts up to two times longer, the company says. It creates fresh mineral water in pools, kills bacteria two ways, keeps pH balanced and frees up chlorine to attack algae. Pools are clean and clear between service visits. Customers enjoy cleaner, clearer, softer water, and techs avoid surprise callbacks and get worry-free pool care. This multi-tasker works long after the job has been completed. | (952) 222-0169 | Booth Number: 2929





Next Gen AOP is a new advanced sanitizer system designed for easy installation, simple service and smart feedback. AOP combines powerful ozone and UV-C oxidation: The reaction produces hydroxyl radicals that reduce chlorine demand and destroy contaminants better than chlorine alone, the company says. These next-generation systems are completely self-contained with all-in-one, flow-through plumbing. The all-new Smart Status feature continuously checks active operation. Next Gen AOP is NSF-50 Certified as a supplemental sanitizer, which confirms efficacy and provides customers peace of mind. | (800) 733-9060 | Booth Number: 2811





Lyon Financial
Our lowest rate for a long-term loan: 4.99% for a 15-year term! | (877) 754-5966 | Booth Number: 1935





Speck Pumps-Pool Products
The BADU Pro is a drop-in replacement designed for the Hayward Super Pump and Pentair SuperFlo pumps. This pump is easily serviceable with a 4-bolt design and handle for carrying. It also comes with the company's patented lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user with a convenient way to easily remove the lid without needing tools. The BADU Pro is available with the following variable-speed motors: 1.1 THP, 1.65 THP, 2.25 THP and 2.7 THP. | (904) 739-2626 | Booth Number: 2535





HFS Financial
HFS offers 100% direct-to-consumer funded loans with no stage funding, no contractor paperwork, no pictures to submit and no funding hassles. | (800) 254-9560 | Booth Number: 1427





Latham, The Pool Company
Latham's new and improved Design Finder delivers enhanced speed and performance and offers a quick, convenient alternative to conventional drawing requests. Save time and browse quality, pre-designed options and view multiple drawings with ease. Features include over 20,000 pool and step options, a complete steel and polymer systems and a full list of bestsellers, geometrics and freeforms. | (800) 833-3800





Create a more seamless pool design with the versatile T4 Versa, featuring a smaller motor that requires an offset of only 12 1/4 inches to fit under standard 14-inch coping. Available with either cutting-edge stainless steel cable or the company's durable Ultimate Rope, the new T4 Versa is designed for pools up to 50-feet long and ensures a seamless fit without sacrificing space or style.
| (800) 447-2838 | Booth Number: 2811





The poolLUX Plus2 Dual Zone Transformer is the newest transformer/lighting kit from S.R.Smith. With three wireless mod-lites and a wireless remote, this lighting kit is flexible and functional. Features include two 60W low-voltage transformers in one easy-to-install unit, independent or synchronized control of each transformer, external illuminated control switches for each transformer and an extended range wireless remote with one-touch color sync for S.R.Smith LED lights. The three mod-lites have PowerPass wireless technology, with a low-profile wireless lamp for maximum safety and easy serviceability. Their uniquely small neck fits into the smallest of niches and reduced conduit down to 3/4 inches. | (800) 824-4387





Never before have homeowners been able to envision their dream pools and backyards so realistically. Picture what is possible with the NPT Backyard App — now with new Dream Pools, 3D Model Pools and other interactive digital content. Builders, remodelers and homeowners can take advantage of the free download for NPT Backyard today. | (888) 476-7665





RB Retail & Service Solutions
Service technicians can now go mobile with RB Pool & Spa Software's Mobile Live Service program. Easily view scheduled jobs along with the customer's information, including equipment profile, job notes, directions and pictures on record. With RB Mobile Live, pool pros have immediate access to all updates done at the office, and the office is instantly updated with their work. Record pool or spa water test results, take payments at the jobsite, look up inventory and do physical inventory on your truck, all on your phone or tablet. The program even tracks hours with a time clock feature. | 866-933-9099 | Booth Number: 2117





Aqua Comb / Mi-Way
Aqua Combs come in styles that clean pool, spa, swim spa and hot tub cartridge filters. These products are designed to clean in three to five minutes using less time and water. Aqua Comb attaches to a hose and combines a powerful water spray with a pick comb that opens the pleats and cleans the side walls, allowing the water to remove debris. Benefits include a fully clean cartridge that will reduce the electrical cost, increase the jet flow and extend the time between filter cleanings. 100% made in the U.S. | (941) 922-7786 | Booth Number: 2220





Concrete Countertop Solutions
The Z Poolform PVC Liner track is meant as a replacement to the aluminum extrusions that are becoming increasingly difficult to source. It is available in both straight and notched variants. The notched variant will bend down to a 6-inch radius on both the inside and outside corners. Because it is made from PVC, this product is safe for use with saltwater systems and bonding is not necessary. | (570) 587-3799 | Booth Number: 1321





The only hole in your deck should be your pool. Patented DECK-LOC by LOOP-LOC is a no-drill anchor system for composite decks. DECK-LOC's anchors secure in seconds by simply turning the clamps until they lock under the deck boards. Removing them for storage is just as easy, leaving the pool deck pristine and anchor-free. | (800) 562-5667





Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools
Barrier Reef has been manufacturing fiberglass pools since 1986, servicing the U.S. and Canada. The company offers over 20 shapes and sizes that include but are not limited to freeform, rectangular and pool/spa combos with seven stunning shimmers to choose from. Barrier Reef takes pride in the quality of its pools and offers a lifetime structural warranty that is transferable one time. | (843) 858-2204





Jack's Magic
The Sapphire Stuff produces super clear water through a highly effective 4-by-1-inch action: The rich sapphire blue formulation combines a powerful clarifier, sequestering agent, chelating agent and flocculant into one convenient product. This fast-acting 4-by-1 clarifier product requires no premixing, will not affect pH and is compatible with all swimming pool sanitizer systems, the company says. The Sapphire Stuff helps prevent scaling, staining, scum line buildup and foaming in swimming pools and spas. This product removes oils, soaps, metals, cosmetics and other particulate matter that can cause staining and discoloration in pools and spas. This product also increases filter efficiency. | (800) 348-1656 | Booth Number: 2112





The new waterproof, Bluetooth ColorQ 2x PRO 7 Kit (code 2086) pool and spa photometer directly measures free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD), pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid directly on a digital display. The ColorQ 2x eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations using an innovative dual-optic design. The photometer, testing reagents and instructions are packaged in a compact carrying case for on-site testing. | (800) 344-3100 | Booth Number: 2819





Marvol BVBA
Mikel Tube is the sole remaining full-time wooden diving board designer and builder in the world, the company says. With customers all over the world, Wooden Diving Boards continually needs to reinvent its product to give ultimate satisfaction. On the demand of Motor Yacht clientele, the company has now developed the registered Tension technique. Next to the Revelation 1 and Tom Sawyer models based on the floating techniques, Mikel Tube introduces the Marine 1 and Derover 1 as the first of a series of models based on the tension techniques. | (047) 547-6222





Industrial Test Systems
The eXact iDip Pool Professional Test Kit from ITS is the latest generation test kit that combines two state-of-the-art water quality test instruments. The first is the revolutionary Level 1 NSF/ANSI-50 Certified eXact iDip Smart Photometer System, which integrates two-way wireless communication with any compatible iOS or Android smart device and has the potential to test over 40 water parameters. The second is the eXact pH+ Smart Meter system which capitalizes on electrochemistry technology combined with Bluetooth connectivity. This pre-configured kit comes with exactly what's needed to start testing patented reagents and two meters (the eXact iDip photometer and eXact pH+ meter). Packed in a rugged and durable plastic case with secure closing fasteners and padded compartments, this kit offers poolside lab-quality results in the palm of your hand at a fraction of the cost. | (803) 329-9712 | Booth Number: 3019





Taylor Technologies
Xpress Flex is the next evolution of in-store water testing by Taylor Technologies, Inc. Built with advanced lighting and imaging technology to provide consistent, accurate results, Xpress Flex provides a new in-store testing solution that combines speed, accuracy and affordability into one testing platform. Xpress Flex tests up to 11 parameters in less than one minute, for less than a dollar per test, the company says. Available now and ready to ship. | (800) 837-8548 | Booth Number: 2335





Poolside Tech
The Attendant provides a fresh pool automation experience for today's users. Homeowners get a return on investment and the peace of mind that their oasis is being mindfully managed. This product natively integrates with all equipment: You can truly intermix any pump, heater, salt cell and light from existing manufacturers in the industry, the company says. This cloud-based, mobile-first automation system monitors all equipment on the pad, making operational decisions to protect a homeowner's investment, lower their environmental impact, improve water quality and send real-time notifications when equipment breaks. | (267) 810-0600 | Booth Number: 1147





Pool professionals can now automatically feed liquid sanitizer in regular intervals with a new dosing solution from HASA that extends time between service visits. This convenient dosing system doesn't add CYA or calcium and generates more sparkling water results, the company says. The HASA Liquid Feeder holds up to eight gallons of liquid chlorine (a two week or more supply) and feeds whenever the filter pump operates to maintain consistent sanitization without the need to leave extra product. It's simple, non-electrical, easy to install and eliminates tablet floaters. | (661) 259-5848 | Booth Number: 1858





Grand Effects
Turn your pool or spa waterfall into a work of art with the new freestanding deck-mount waterfalls from Grand Effects. Offer your clients relaxation with an elegant and modern waterfall perched like a sculptural stainless steel spout. Choose between five models, all made with 316 stainless steel. These products are easy to install and perform equally well in salt and chlorine systems, the company says. | (949) 697-5270 | Booth Number: 2811





H2Flow Controls
H2flow Controls innovates flow measurement technologies for the pool and spa industry. The company's FlowVis and FlowVis Digital flow meters have the greatest average accuracy and more NSF 50 certified models than any other brand of flow meter available for pools, spas, fountains and water features, the company says. FlowVis is available for 1 1/2-inch through 8-inch pipe diameters, and all models are upgradeable to FlowVis Digital. FlowVis and FlowVis Digital are ideal for any variable-speed installation, where knowing the flow rate is a necessity in order to correctly position the pump speed and maximize energy savings. | (888) 635-0296





Blue Devil has a full line of quality DOE compliant pumps. In July 2021, when the DOE passed new regulations around the minimum energy efficiency of pool pumps, many single-speed pool pumps fell out of compliance. These pumps will meet the new regulations and help you save money. Valterra's DOE Pumps are available now, including: inground, aboveground, 70 sq. ft. cartridge and pump combo, and 16-inch, 19-inch and 24-inch sand filter and pump combos. | (818) 898-1671 | Booth Number: 1757





Aqua Creek Products
Both versatile and easy to use, the Tidalwave Pool Bike offers users an enjoyable way to exercise that doesn't have to be daunting. Multiple levels of resistance, a comfortable seat and non-aggressive sitting position make this aquatic bike ideal for low-impact physical therapy. With an optional semi-recumbent seat and a number of fun colors to choose from, you can really make this piece of equipment your own. | (888) 687-3552 | Booth Number: 2039





inSPAreleaf CBD aromatherapy products are formulated to be safe for spas and hot tubs. This line of products combines the benefits of CBD and aromatherapy with the health benefits of hydrotherapy. Third-party tested for potency, all inSPAreleaf CBD products are infused with hemp-derived, American-grown, organic, non-GMO, food grade, super-nanosized, full spectrum, water soluble certified CBD. 200mg of organic THC-free CBD per application. | (805) 553-0820 | Booth Number: 2029





Aquamatic Cover Systems
Aquamatic has been making automatic easy since 1980. The company will have functional displays of both the Hydramatic automatic safety cover and the HydraLux automatic energy system. Stop by and see why designers and builders worldwide are specifying Aquamatic. | (408) 846-9274 | Booth Number: 1927





Clear Comfort
The CCW25 AOP water sanitation method now fits perfectly in all types of spas, swim spas and customer lifestyles. This product delivers an easy way to get enjoyable spa water by guarding the health and wellness of you and your spa. The CCW25 brings non-corrosive water care that minimizes chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels than drinking water, the company says. Designed for simplicity, the CCW25 provides spa water that looks as good as it feels with freedom from toxic chemical handling after every use. | (303) 872-4477 | Booth Number: 1756





Spazazz Spa Lab Collection includes four aromas of CBD oil-infused crystals designed to promote relaxation and calmness. The company will be launching two additional fragrances in the coming months. Each 19 ounce bottle contains 800mg of CBD isolate (THC free). This product's proprietary blend of crystals is made with 100% pure all-natural, GMP-certified, hemp-based CBD, aromatherapeutic oils and Dead Sea Salts. Spazazz products hydrate and exfoliate skin, ease stress and enhance overall mood to bring a sense of calm, the company says. These crystals are all natural and will not affect the water chemistry. | (801) 785-4990 | Booth Number: 3141





CamerEye is reinventing pool safety by providing faster distress detection with the first Artificial Intelligence Smart Fence and safety ecosystem. CamerEye's ecosystem adds layers of safety by allowing pool owners to monitor their pool 24/7 from anywhere. The system detects humans around the pool with Smart Fence technology, and detects distress and near-drowning behavior in the pool through AI-powered overhead cameras. Pool owners receive an alert within a few seconds of distress being detected. This affordable and easy-to-install system keeps owners connected while providing another eye on their pool for peace of mind. | (800) 906-2810 | Booth Number: 1441





Water Tech Corp
Water Tech's new Volt Spa Vac Recharge is a cash-n-carry retail must-have. Placed near the cash register or near display spas, this completely cordless, lithium-battery powered hot tub and spa vacuum cleans tight spa spaces and collects even the smallest dirt and sand, the company says. With a run time of up to 40 minutes, this fully rechargeable vacuum quickly removes all debris, leaves, sand and algae. Includes a reusable, all-purpose filter bag, a 4-piece sectional pool pole and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. | (800) 298-8800 | Booth Number: 2435





Chlorine Genie
No chlorine, no problem: Chlorine Genie creates the ultimate pool water with a chlorine generator that keeps the corrosive effects of salt out of the pool and in the brine tank. Users can generate natural chlorine onsite to safely sanitize without chemical irritants, creating pool water soft as silk and easy on eyes, skin and hair, the company says. This product helps eliminate damage to plaster, coping and hardscapes, and its electrolytic cell requires less service. Pool pros can reduce operating costs and increase their income by installing and servicing the Chlorine Genie. | (800) 970-7616 | Booth Number: 2145


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