April 2020 New Spa & Pool Products

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Spring into pool season with new pool and spa products. From a fire pit table to a new software system, see what's new this month below.



Orr 320 Aq Natural Chemistry Sm

Natural Chemistry has introduced new PHOSfree Max — a powerful and reliable phosphate remover designed for both residential and commercial pool use. It removes high levels of problem-causing phosphates from swimming pool water. Keeping phosphate levels low will help reduce pool problems, including calcium phosphate scale as well as time and effort spent to maintain perfect water. Pour it in and watch it work, the company says. PHOSfree Max reduces phosphate levels to near zero in just 24 hours.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



Eee 420 Aq Ramuc Sm

Ramuc's EP Hi-Build Epoxy offers a tough, durable finish that provides unsurpassed stain, chemical and abrasion resistance for swimming pool surfaces. This product is the best alternative to replastering at 1/3 the cost, the company says. Packaged in an easy-to-use, 1-to-1 mix ratio, EP Hi-Build Epoxy rolls easily and builds up to eight mils dry per coat, rendering "smoothing" qualities on rough surfaces. Renovates aged concrete, plaster and fiberglass pools. Self-priming, two-coat system. VOC compliant. Made in the U.S.
ramucpoolpaint.com | (800) 745-6756



Oss 320 Aq O Ryan Industries Sm

The HydroStar from O'Ryan Industries was designed to maximize light output while providing a worry-free environment. The sleek and virtually indestructible lights compliment any spa or tub decor. A watertight, removable lens allows easy access to the bulb from inside a whirlpool bath or spa. It comes complete with a two-piece tool for tightening or untightening the front lens for lamp replacement. In addition, the package includes one two-piece light assembly with O-ring and nut, one gasket and a power supply with reflector/lamp assembly. Customized configurations and colors are available, including the typical colors of white, black, brown and grey. The company offers a variety of StarBurst LEDs to suit your specific lighting experience and a one-year limited warranty.
oryanindustries.com | (800) 426-4311



Ouu 320 Aq Rb Pooland Spa Sm

RB Pool & Spa is pleased to introduce its new RB web services partnered with Insite Suite — the most comprehensive cloud-based marketing, sales and business development platform specifically designed for pool and spa dealers, the company says. Sync products, inventory and pricing. No more managing multiple sources of product administration, pricing, inventory control and sales orders. Fully integrated and totally automated between your website catalogs and RB point of sales system. What happens in one automatically updates the other.
rbpoolandspa.com | (866) 933-9099



Aaa 420 Aq Clear Comfort Sm

Clear Comfort has revolutionized Advanced Oxidation treatment installations for everything from small aquatics facilities to larger water parks, the company says. With a one-hour or less installation with minimal downtime, Clear Comfort's already easy-to-use AOP systems are even easier to implement. Designed for simplicity, the Inline or Surge Pit Diffuser Installation Kits can fit in the tightest spaces with modest electrical requirements. These Installation Kits bring a simple and cost-effective way for all types of aquatics facilities to control cryptosporidium, improve water quality and ease management.
clearcomfort.com | (303) 872-4477



Ddd 420 Aq Pro Team Sm

ProTeam now offers ProTeam Power 73 — powerful and uniquely formulated to be applied directly to the pool, the company says. This product provides unstabilized chlorine granules that can be broadcasted directly into the pool water and will not increase cyanuric acid levels. Add 1 lb. for every 15,000 gallons of water with the pump running. Perfect for everyday use, maintenance or after heavy swimmer use, heavy rain or wind. Available in 1 lb. bags or 25 lb. pails. Made in the U.S.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400



Bbb 420 Aq Outdoor Great Room Company Sm

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is excited to release the Grey Stonefire Round Gas Fire Pit Table. The grey color option joins the existing Dora Brown Stonefire Fire Pit Table to create a collection. It features a grey stonefire composite top with subtle details to accentuate the gorgeous crystal fire burner. The frame is constructed of outdoor-rated grey powder-coated aluminum. A grey mesh base conceals a standard 20 lb. liquid propane tank. The 16-inch crystal fire burner is UL Listed for safety and quality. At only 35 lbs., it's perfect for cozy, small outdoor spaces and easy moving, the company says. The fire pit table includes clear glass gems, tumbled lava rock and other fire media sold separately. While setup for liquid propane, it can be converted to natural gas using the included conversion kit. Glass wind guard, protective cover and other accessories are also sold separately.
outdoorrooms.com | (866) 303-4028



Ccc 420 Aq Pool Boy Brush Sm

Durable and versatile, the Pool Boy Brush can be installed on any swimming pool cleaner that uses a 3/4-inch feed hose tail, making integration to your current system as efficient as possible. Simply remove the existing foam scrub from your automatic pool cleaner, attach the Pool Boy Brush and re-attach the pool sweeper's original clip to secure it (end piece not included with the Pool Boy Brush). The company's patented, high-quality design using strong bristles and durable stainless steel means you can count on your pool cleaner brush to last season after season. Additionally, while most regular pool brushes only cover about an inch of surface space, this pool brush covers a total of seven inches. Its patented 360-degree design allows it to turn as it travels along the lining of your pool, clearing dirt and debris faster than ever, the company says.
poolboybrushes.com | (559) 289-1680



Ovv 320 Aq Endless Pools Sm

Endless Pools introduces the Fastlane Sport XP. The Endless Pools Fastlane Sport XP generates a current that can be used for swimming in place, adding resistance to aquatic exercise or creating a lazy river effect. A lower-cost adaptation of the company's existing Fastlane Pro, the Sport XP features a newly engineered current that's smooth, airless and perfectly paced for the recreational swimmer, the company says.
endlesspools.com | (866) 786-1752



Opp 320 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Sm

Automatic Pool Covers uses its Under Track system to provide the most unobtrusive, automatic pool cover installation, the company says. Designed for consumers who want an automatic pool cover that is safe yet doesn't interfere with the pool's aesthetic. The Under Track installation incorporates the AutoGuard safety cover into a concealed track that is seamlessly fastened to the pool wall or secured in a track retainer system. The system is available for any shape or sized pool, even freeforms.
apc-mfg.com | (800) 878-5789



Oqq 320 Aq Leaf Bone Sm

Leaf Bone now offers the new aboveground pool Leaf Skimmer Kit as a low-cost solution for hands-free skimming of leaves and debris. The company's unique kit securely attaches to the pool top rail with stainless steel hardware and provides a rigid support to hold a typical leaf rake net, purchased separately, at the water's surface. The pool's natural circulation delivers leaves into the leaf net and prevents plugging the skimmer basket.
leaf-bone.com | (704) 692-7132



Ooo 420 Aq Sm

The aXs2 pool lift from S.R. Smith is the most recent addition to its comprehensive line of ADA Aquatic Lifts. A 360-degree rotational pool lift, the aXs2 features a sleek and compact design that requires minimal deck space. It is an ideal pool access solution for public and hospitality swimming pools. The aXs2's powder-coated frame provides extra protection from harsh aquatic environments, and its fully rotomolded seat with flip-up armrests and LiftOperator Intelligent Control System make it exceptionally user-friendly, the company says.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387


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