February 2020 New Spa & Pool Products

4 I 220 Aq Ramuc Tile

What's new in spa and pool products this month? We take a look at an underwater treadmill, a stylish lounger, the Bdry towel and more.



4 I 220 Aq Ramuc Sm

Ramuc’s EP Hi-Build Epoxy offers a tough, durable finish that provides unsurpassed stain, chemical and abrasion resistance for swimming pool surfaces. This product is the best alternative to re-plastering at 1/3 the cost, the company says. Packaged in an easy-to-use 1-to-1 mix ratio, EP Hi-Build Epoxy rolls easily and builds up to eight mils dry per coat rendering “smoothing” qualities on rough surfaces. Renovates aged concrete, plaster and fiberglass pools. Self-priming, two-coat system. VOC compliant. Made in the U.S.
ramucpoolpaint.com | (800) 745-6756



4 H 220 Aq Outdoor Great Room Company Sm

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company introduces Crystal Fire Plus technology. Crystal Fire Plus burners will be available individually and outfit all Outdoor GreatRoom Company fire pit tables. They are UL Listed to the ANSI Z21.97-2017/CSA 2.41-2017 standards and include many construction and safety updates, including a taller, brighter and fuller flame for a more natural, realistic appearance with a higher BTU capacity. A new variable-control safety valve provides safety ignition and safety shutdown operations. The valve features a fully adjustable flame height from low to high with a quiet, clean-burning operation. The new drainage system eliminates water drainage through the burner neck for more reliable operation.
outdoorrooms.com | (866) 303-4028



4 G 220 Aq Endless Pools Sm

Endless Pools announces the Hydrostride, an underwater treadmill that can be installed in almost any new or refurbished pool. With a comfortably wide belt and speeds up to 5.5 miles per hour, the Hydrostride delivers opportunities for low-impact, cardiovascular exercise, cross-training and recovery.
endlesspools.com | (866) 786-1752



4 D 220 Aq Cal Flame Sm

The Cal Flame Top Gun Convection Grill uses high velocity fans to distribute hot air throughout the entire cavity of the grill when the grill hood is shut. By circulating hot air, the cooking times are enormously reduced and food is cooked steadily. The Convection Grill also offers faster preheat times, reduced gas consumption and increased cooking control. Made of solid 304-stainless steel, the burners emit up to 95,000 BTU with the company's 5-burner grill (75,000 BTU for the 4-burner grill) and have a 10-year warranty.
calflamebbq.com | (800) 225-7727



4 K 220 Aq Valterra Sm

The King-Fin Wall Brush by Blue Devil has 10 times the scrubbing force of a regular wall brush, the company says. The Dual Action gives users the same force on the forward and backward stroke. Use it with just one hand. Brush pools in half the time and half the effort. Available with poly bristles, nylon bristles and combo nylon/stainless steel bristles.
valterra.com | (818) 898-1671



4 L 220 Aq Waholife Sm

Introducing the Santorini Lounger from waholife. This unique lounger style molds perfectly to your body versus the standard hard loungers on the market today. A slight backrest guarantees a relaxed, comfortable position. The hybrid design ensures year-round use both in the pool or on dry land. Ideal for single lounging, but also large enough to snuggle with your closest companion — the waholife Santorini Lounger is relaxation refined. Enter AQUA15 at checkout to receive a special AQUA reader 15% discount.



4 C 220 Aq Bdry Towel Sm

The Bdry Towel was created by Mike Townsend out of necessity while living in a corporate apartment with his wife and three daughters. Due to a hectic work schedule on a 6-month project, Mike had little family time and often had to work next to the swimming pool while his daughters swam. He quickly realized problems with his beach towel: it was a hassle to carry, it didn't cover the entire chair and it would slide down the back of the chair. There was also the wet towel problem, and it wasn't fun (after his daughters convinced him to swim) to continue working with a wet backside. After an exhaustive patent search, the Townsends patented a towel that solves these problems, plus the sweaty rear problem. The Bdry Towel has been tested thoroughly and offers portability, no sliding, full coverage and can extend the life of any chair by as much as 5-10 years.
new.bdrytowel.com | (865) 318-4588



4 E 220 Aq Control O Matic Sm

ControlOMatic has improved the MiniWarden controller with a new, selectable menu in both Spanish and English. The company says the MiniWarden has many features not found in a lower cost chemical controller including pH, ORP, temperature and optional PPM with TrueDPD. It measures chemical values in water, continuously delivering corrective chemicals as needed — unlike other chemical feed systems (adjustable feed pumps or metered erosion chlorinators), which don't adjust quickly to bather load changes. Made in the U.S.
controlomatic.com | (530) 205-4520



4 J 220 Aq Technidea Corporation Sm

The ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 received the "Best Featured Pool Construction Product" at the 2019 International PSP Expo in New Orleans. ZIPLEVEL is a bubble-free altimeter pressurized to prevent continual error inducing bubble formation during storage, stepping on or kinking the cord. Unlike a rotary laser, ZIPLEVEL lets you work alone to quickly level and read elevations directly in unmistakable, clear digits without line-of-sight, distance errors, factory calibration or math. It is fast, proven, affordable and made in the U.S. with a two-year factory warranty.
ziplevel.com | (760) 480-4740



4 F 220 Aq Deckorators Sm

Deckorators introduces ALX Contemporary pre-assembled, aluminum deck railing in welded panels. The pre-assembled system saves deck builders valuable time and effort on railing installation, while the welding maximizes rigidity and strength, the company says. It features a sleek and modern look, with a thick powder-coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion. The panels come in four colors: textured black, textured white, weathered brown and bronze. Brushed titanium is also available in pre-assembled, anodized aluminum panels that are punched instead of welded. ALX Contemporary railing is backed by a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturing defects and powder coating, a 25-year removal-and-replacement warranty and a 10-year saltwater applications warranty.
deckorators.com | (800) 332-5724


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