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Any pool and spa experience is made better by a safe environment. The addition of fences, covers, alarms and other safety measures give homeowners — especially those with little ones — peace of mind that allows them to enjoy their backyard experience to the fullest. Manufacturers are also committed to putting homeowners at ease with an array of safety products. Here, take a look at just some of the safety products you can find on the market.



Qqq 419 Aq Hayward Pool Products Sm

Hayward Pool Products
Hayward's VGB-compliant WG Series round suction outlets are designed for efficient and safe water flow. They are available in a range of plumbing configurations, plastic collar options and colors. All models are tested to ASME A112 9.8b-2009 and ANSI/APSP-16 standards and meet CPSC requirements. They are 8 inches in diameter and have an approved flow of 125 GPM (horizontal) and 72 GPM (vertical).
hayward.com | (888) HAYWARD



Www 419 Aq Pentair Sm

The AquaTRAM 90 pool access lift rotates 90 degrees left or right for easy pool access. It anchors directly into the deck with the popular Quickset Dual Wedge Anchor socket, making it removable without tools and easy to retrofit using existing anchors. Features include dual flip-up armrests, a comfortable seat with an adjustable lap belt and a footrest and simple-to-operate controls. Improved lift reach clears spa benches and most gutter types. It comes complete with a rechargeable battery-operating system, has a 300-pound lifting capacity and is ADA compliant.
pentair.com | (800) 831-7133



Sss 419 Aq Looploc Sm

LOOP-LOC's Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh with maximum light-blocking technology deters algae growth and ensures a cleaner pool in spring when the cover comes off. Its unique mesh is super-strong but 50 percent lighter than comparable solid safety covers. Available in popular green, sapphire navy and new mojave brown, Aqua-Xtreme drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging.
looploc.com | (800) LOC-LOOP



Rrr 419 Aq Latham Pool Products Sm

Latham Pool Products
According to Latham, an automatic safety cover is the safest product available for a pool. The company's Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists brands offer industry-leading quality and features, like wireless touch pads, auto shut-off and a two-year no-break warranty on ropes. In some states, an automatic cover can be used in lieu of a fence or other barrier. Latham also offers solid and mesh safety covers.
lathampool.com | (800) 833-3800



Ppp 419 Aq Cover Pools Sm

When Cover-Pools' founder Joe Lamb invented the automatic pool cover in 1959, he also created a safety device to protect his family. Since then, the company has been protecting families and their pools with innovative pool cover systems. The T4 is the latest in automatic safety pool cover technology as the only system designed for stainless-steel cable, the company says. Stainless-steel cable is more durable and doesn't stretch or shrink like traditional rope systems.
coverpools.com | (801) 484-2724



4 I 414 Aq Sm

Aquamatic Cover Systems
Since 1980, Aquamatic Cover Systems has provided peace of mind to families around the world with both the Hydramatic hydraulic automatic and EZ-Cover manual safety swimming pool and spa covers, the company says. Both covers are third-party verified to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety, and both satisfy pool barrier codes throughout the U.S. and Canada.
aquamatic.com | (800) 262-4044



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Tara Safety Covers
Tara Safety Covers gives you the opportunity to brand your solid and mesh covers with your logo and contact information. These colorful, eye-catching labels will ensure that your safety cover customers know who to call when they need their pool opened in the spring. Best of all, it's free.
taraliners.com | (866) 725-8272



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Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers has improved its APC 365 automatic safety cover system with a coping and housing design that allows an automatic cover to be integrated easily into vinyl-liner package pools. It is designed for easy installation by using a 48-by-48-inch encapsulated coping and wall cap corner to provide a 100 percent accurate fit. APC 365 system uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time and keeps the housing's lid perfectly flush with the deck.
automaticpoolcovers.net | (800) 878-5789



4 F 419 Aq Water Tech Corp Sm

Water Tech Corp
Water Tech's Pool Blaster Skimmer Vac is a hydraulic, easy-to-use manual device that effortlessly removes debris from virtually any pool skimmer basket to keep hands safe from "untouchables." Everything from leaves, twigs, insects, rodents and other debris is instantly removed and sealed in a water tight compartment without ever having to remove the basket itself. There is never a need to touch or be exposed to the many health and environmental dangers that make their way into an otherwise clean and healthy pool.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800



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Leisure Concepts
Make spa entry and exit safer with the Safe-T-Rail II, an ultra-sturdy handrail equipped with its own built-in, slide-under-the-spa stand, which eliminates the need to mount it to the spa. Includes a slip-free, foam grip for additional safety. Available in stainless steel or rust-free powder-coated aluminum. Made in the U.S.
leisureconcepts.com | (800) 469-2428



4 A 419 Aq Reno Sys Sm

Designed for slides that exit into shallow water, RenoSys offers SoftSide landing pads to make pool slides safer and help swimmers avoid injury. Anchored with hardware to prevent floating or shifting, these landing pads are composed of layers of shock-absorbing foam covered in watertight and slip-resistant PVC membrane that will not peel or wash off. The pads pass all CPSC-ASTM 1292 test for impact attenuation for drop heights of 10 feet (3-inches thick). They are algae and fungus resistant, low maintenance and hygienic. They are also made in the U.S. and come with a three-year warranty. Customizable column and pool edge safety padding are also available.
renosys.com | (800) 783-7005



Yyy 419 Aq Pool Equip Sm

PoolEquip now offers CPSC Certified Custom Safety Pads that can be customized to fit any play feature, regardless of size and shape. Send the company a drawing of your play feature, and they can use it as a template for their CNC machine to ensure a perfect fit. Available in a variety of colors and textures, use the pads for column bumpers, pool edges, slide run-outs and slide bumpers to protect heads from closed-flume slide tops.
poolequip.com | (800) 287-1588



Mmm 419 Aq Ccei Pool Usa Sm

CCEI Pool USA now offers its patented Plug in Pool underwater electrical outlet that works without contacts. The outlet transmits electrical energy by induction. With no wires and no contacts, the product is the safest way to bring power underwater. The Plug in Pool socket uses induction to create an electrical current from an electromagnet. When the lights are to be removed, the power turns off automatically so you can remove the light and add other underwater accessories. Available in large and mini light sizes in both monochromatic and multicolor lighting.
ccei-pool.com/us | (213) 425-5280



4 N 419 Aq Gli Pool Products Sm

GLI Pool Products
Safety covers save lives. The ASTM Certified GLI ProMesh Safety Cover shown in the image did just that on Nov. 16, 2018. This cover is made from a unique weave of polypropylene mesh that blocks out algae producing UV rays while still being 50 percent lighter than standard solid covers, the company says. It has easy installation, removal and storage. Plus, all GLI Custom Covers ship in 72 hours or less — guaranteed. They are available in four colors: tan, gray, green and blue.
glipoolproducts.com | (800) 448-2343



4 H 419 Aq Wateropolis Sm

Wateropolis Corp.
Wateropolis' ceramic pool filter media removes over 90 percent of cryptosporidium from pool water using existing pool filter equipment.
wateropolis.com | (440) 596-0325



Ttt 419 Aq Mc Ewen Industries Sm

McEwen Industries
McEwen Super Solid is the strongest and most puncture-resistant solid cover fabric, the company says. Surprisingly, this durable material makes for a lighter weight cover than traditional solid cover fabrics, which saves time and makes cover installation and removal easier. It is available in green, blue and tan colors.
mcewenindustries.com | (704) 365-8070



Orr 319 Aq Deckorators Sm

Voyage is a new line of wood-alternative decking perfect for pool, spa and hot tub applications. Made with patented Eovations technology that allows virtually no water absorption, Voyage features textured embossing for superior traction on the deck surface in both dry and wet conditions, along with an industry-leading warranty that covers water and ground contact. The unique embossing provides 34 percent greater surface traction than leading brands of composite decking, the company says. Voyage is 35 percent lighter than most wood-plastic decking, twice as strong as PVC decking and offers the industry's lowest thermal expansion/contraction.
deckorators.com | (800) 332-5724



Xxx 419 Aq Pool Covers Inc Sm

Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers by Pool Covers, Inc.
Made to withstand the harshest elements and the toughest pets, the Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is a true safety cover, the company says. The cover is UL listed and meets ASTM safety standards. It will not absorb water and won't buckle in the middle under heavy loads. Each cover is custom made with a variety of colors available.
belitespacovers.com | (707) 864-6674



Vvv 419 Aq Meyco Pool Covers Sm

Meyco Pool Covers
MeycoLite fabric's generous weave eliminates the need to pump off surface water, allowing it to drain through the cover so leaves simply dry up and blow away. Requiring minimal care over the winter, Meycolite is treated for color fastness to minimize fading when exposed to sunlight. Lightweight MeycoLite also outperforms cumbersome, heavy tarps for faster installation at the end of swim season without sacrificing protection and performance, the company says.
meycocovers.com | (800) 446-3926



Jjj 419 Aq Anchor Industries Sm

Anchor Industries
Users can have the best of both worlds with Anchor's CrossStar Safety Cover, made using the same technology as Anchor Industries' 5-Star, but with paddles placed in a grid pattern. This allows for easy remakes of competitors' covers, matched anchor spacing and the ability to upgrade any mesh to a solid cover. The company simply sends you a box to pack, label and ship for free, with no measuring needed from you.
anchorinc.com | (812) 867-2421



Uuu 419 Aq Merlin Industries Sm

Merlin Industries
Merlin's standard mesh Dura-Mesh II has the best combination of sunlight shading, abrasion resistance, tear strength and burst strength, the company says. In addition, the patented SmartMesh safety cover is the first and only mesh material to provide 100 percent shade from sunlight and offer 40 micron filtration of debris. They have also updated their standard stainless-steel spring to include a patent-pending coined end that holds more weight, lasts longer and maintains structural integrity over time. These springs come standard with every safety cover order.
merlinindustries.com | (800) 289-1836



Obb 417 Aq Sm

SmartPool offers a comprehensive safety product lineup. Its custom and standard safety covers are UL-certified and manufactured with triple-stitched webbing. SmartPool's safety nets are a viable alternative to a safety cover and are often the only reasonable safety solution for your aboveground pool customer. Fencing and alarms are also available.
smartpool.com | (888) 560-7665



Oom 417 Aq Sm

Garrett Vinyl Liners & Safety Covers
Garrett Safety Covers offers unmatched performance, protection and peace of mind, the company says. With 12 styles and colors to choose from, your custom fit safety cover is made with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Each cover features a triple-stitched, double-woven system for strength and longevity.
garrettliners.com | (800) 222-3650



Ood 418 Aq Sm

D&D Technologies
The MagnaLatch ALERT Top Pull has industry-leading magnetic latching technology, the company says, and features dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is left opened or unlatched for over 15 seconds. It is constructed of industrial-strength polymer and stainless steel components that withstand the harsh effects of both time and weather, which won't rust, bind, sag, stain or corrode. MagnaLatch meets all international pool barrier codes.
ddtechglobal.com | (800) 716-0888



Kkk 419 Aq Aqua Creek Sm

Aqua Creek
The Ranger 2 is the new version of Aqua Creek's most popular lift, The Ranger. The new ADA-compliant lift features a field reversible design, 350 pound weight capacity, UL certification and comes standard with a 14-inch, deck-to-water draft. The Ranger 2 upholds the same standards for durability and reliability as all Aqua Creek pool lifts. It is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel pools and available with the same color options, a solar charging station, anchoring systems and accessories as the Pro Pool Series lifts.
aquacreekproducts.com | (888) 687-3552



Oyy 413 Aq Sm

Vacless Systems
Vacless Systems manufactures and sells safety vacuum release systems. These SVRS devices can be used on residential as well as commercial pools, spas and water features. The Vacless unit requires no tools, no cutting of existing plumbing and no calibration upon installation. Units are certified and meet VGB requirements. Vacless is a CPSC-approved SVRS manufacturer.
vacless.com | (818) 701-6200



Nnn 419 Aq Core Covers Sm

Core Covers
Introducing the Vertex Safety Cover from Core Covers. After years of research, Core discovered an inflatable bladder, weather-shield fabric and a state-of-the-art process that has led to the industry's first inflatable spa cover. The Vertex cover is constructed with drop-stitch fabric that contains hundreds of threads per square inch. It's three times stronger than a traditional vinyl cover and built to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. Vertex is environmentally-friendly, uses recyclable materials, less energy for transportation and reduces hot tub operation cost. It ships in a lightweight duffle bag, inflates in minutes and is designed to last longer than a traditional vinyl spa cover.
corecovers.com | (855) 763-7450



Oon 418 Aq Sm

Smartop offers a unique Steel Cable Lock System that provides ultimate security for a hot tub by preventing unauthorized or unsupervised use. The easy-to-use steel cable lockdown straps are secured with a combination padlock (included). This built-in feature is excellent for vacation and family homes. Made in the U.S.
smartopcover.com | (888) 965-6694



4 G 419 Aq Waterhawk Technologies Sm

Waterhawk Technologies
The wavES electric voltage detection system has several patent-pending sensors that continuously monitor water for dangerous levels of voltage in pools and will sound an alarm to warn people who intend to enter or are already immersed in water. The device can be easily installed in any pool. A wireless transmitter communicates with the sensors in the pool water and a wireless receiver, located under the skimmer cover, that monitors the electricity in the water and determines whether it is safe. It can send alerts to users' mobile phones or to their home monitoring system using standard industry-defined protocols.
waterhawktechnologies.com | (650) 678-7844



Oob 418 Aq Sm

The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing.
coverlon.com | (908) 707-1122



4 B 419 Aq Rico Rock Sm

RicoRock offers a unique coping/waterline piece to be used as handholds under waterfalls for safety. Pool code states that there must be handholds every 4 feet if the water depth is over 4 feet. To ensure safety compliance, all raised beam and rock features should incorporate a handhold of at least 3 inches in depth to ensure a safe pool environment. Made of lightweight, cast concrete that is easily mortared, these coping waterline features are easy to add to the pool. They are available for immediate shipment in a variety of colors to match deck treatments and backyard décor.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100



4 C 419 Aq Rje Technologies Sm

RJE Technologies
The Safety Turtle 2.0 is the only pool alarm that watches the child (or pet) and not the water. The locking wristband is secured to a child's wrist (or pet collar). If the Turtle becomes submerged in water, it uses radio signal to sound an alarm in the house. There is no need for programming or wiring — simply plug-in and go.
safetyturtle.com | (949) 943-3349



4 D 419 Aq Thursday Pools Sm

Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools' patented Geo-Hydro Valve allows fiberglass pools to be safely drained by relieving outside groundwater pressure to prevent fiberglass pools from floating. If outside groundwater pressure exceeds internal pressure, the Geo-Hydro Valve will open and allow groundwater to enter the pool through a filter (which prevents entry of debris that often causes standard hydrostatic valves to get stuck open). This process allows the pressure to equalize, preventing a dangerous floating-pool situation. Located on the lower pool sidewall, the valve is accessible from the ground level making it much easier and safer to maintain than standard hydrostatic valves.
thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-POOL



Zzz 419 Aq Presicion Measurement Technologies Sm

Precision Measurement Technologies
Precision Measurement Technologies introduces the Talos SFD-1000. Talos provides Storm Front Lightning Detection Awareness that can detect dangerous lightning up to 25 miles away. Talos utilizes the same technology used in expensive weather stations but in a low-cost consumer package. By utilizing three different colors, you can easily detect an incoming or departing storm front with audible alerts of lightning in the area providing additional safety. It is compliant with Florida's proposed swimming pool building code modification, which requires this type of technology in all commercial and private pools. It is battery operated and easy to install and use.
pmt-fl.com/talos | (727) 532-6144



4 E 419 Aq Transducers Direct Llc Sm

Transducers Direct
Transducers Direct releases the TDWLB-LC, the latest innovation in IoT, a low-cost wireless pressure transducer to remotely monitor clogged filters via smartphone or tablet. The technology can be customized to interface into OEM wireless pool equipment via Bluetooth, Z-Wave or Wi-Fi. The device will display "Clean Filter" or "Replace Filter" warnings. Once on the Wi-Fi network, service techs and OEMs can send text notifications that service is required. There is no more going down to look at an inaccurate/broken dial gauge to see if the filter needs to be cleaned or the pumps are producing the correct pressure.
transducersdirect.com | (513) 583-9491



All Safe Pool Fence And Cover Photo Sm

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers
Founded in 1992, All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers has been providing quality pool fences and covers for over 25 years. This family-owned-and-operated company seeks to reduce the risk of drowning by helping homeowners choose the best product for their needs. With a variety of swimming pool fences, safety nets and covers, All-Safe will help customers find the most effective, affordable, attractive and convenient option. A child's safety depends on your choice, and they want to help you make the best decision.
allsafepool.com | (800) 786-8110


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