March 2019 New Spa and Pool Products

Ouu 319 Aq Hayward Tile

Looking to stock your showrooms and trucks with something new? AQUA takes a look at the products new to the industry this month:



Ouu 319 Aq Hayward Sm2

SelectaFlo high-efficiency backwash valves are hydro-engineered to provide superior flow at lower pressure drops. They feature an easy-to-use trigger action handle that lets users select from four valve/filter functions: filter, backwash, pump-to-waste or recirculate. SelectaFlo valves are ideal for D.E. filter applications requiring high efficiency and low head loss. | (908) 351-5400



Oyy 319 Aq Rocky Reel Systems Sm2

Rocky's Reel Systems
Rocky's Clear Coat finish is for the pool owner that wants their swimming pool reel system to have more of an industrial look and blend in with a concrete surround. The Clear Coat finish is available on Rocky's most popular residential reel systems, the #3A and #4A. | (800) 663-8705



Oss 319 Aq Fountain People Sm2

Fountain People
Fountain People now offers a Mediterranean Scupper for use in pools and water features. It imitates the classic beauty of ancient fountains and uses a traditional dark bronze finish with blue-green highlights to accent the detailed decorative etching on the surface. The clean, simple design complements both traditional and modern pool and fountain designs, the company says. | (512) 393-5263



Ott 319 Aq Frank Wall Enterprises Sm2

Frank Wall Enterprises
The Light Doctor Repair Kit is a simple solution for broken tabs and slots on vinyl liner light seal rings. It has never been easier to fix broken or corroded tabs and slots on vinyl liner sealing rings for underwater lights than with this product, the company says. It is available in eight-hole and 10-hole fixture styles for both the top and bottom sections of the light sealing rings. | (800) 488-9146



Oqq 319 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Sm2

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers has improved its APC 365 automatic safety cover system specifically for vinyl-lined pools using a coping and housing design that allows an automatic cover to be integrated easily into vinyl liner package pools. It is designed for easy installation by using a 48-by-48-inch encapsulated coping and wall cap corner to provide a 100 percent accurate fit. APC 365 System uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time and keeps the housing's lid perfectly flush with the deck. | (800) 878-5789



Ovv 319 Aq Leisure Concepts Cover Mate Sm2

Leisure Concepts
Leisure Concepts announces an innovative new cover lift: the CoverMate Vanish XL. It provides smooth, fluid opening and closing with a contemporary design that visually incorporates the lifter into the spa cabinet. It also offers a 360-degree view by positioning the cover behind the spa when in the open position. Effortless operation and function with integral design makes the Vanish XL the future of spa cover lifts and a must for every showroom, the company says. | (800) 469-2428



Oww 319 Aq Natures Care Sm2

Nature's Care
Nature's Care now offers new PhosAway MAX, a highly concentrated phosphate remover that is 2 1/2 times stronger than the leading national brands, the company says. Formulated for pool water that is highly susceptible to phosphates, this product removes phosphate from pool water while helping to maintain water clarity, reduce maintenance and clean water lines without foam. It is available in 1-quart bottles and is made in the U.S. | (616) 365-9515



Oxx 319 Aq Reno Sys Sm2

DuraTech stainless steel and PVC gutters provide reliable, proven and affordable perimeter recirculation systems to meet any aquatic design challenge. The stainless-steel option combines gutter and plumbing into a built-in trough with pressurized water return and inlets that reduce maintenance by eliminating buried pipes that break from freeze-thaw damage or ground movement. The PVC gutter option provides a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and is the ideal solution for indoor pool renovations. Both come with a 10-year warranty and are made in the U.S. | (800) 783-7005



Orr 319 Aq Deckorators Sm2

Voyage is a new line of wood-alternative decking perfect for pool and spa applications. Made with patented Eovations technology that allows virtually no water absorption, Voyage features textured embossing for superior traction on the deck surface in both dry and wet conditions. It is backed by a 25-year structural, stain-and-fade and removal-and-replacement limited warranty that includes water and ground contact. Voyage is available in four colors: Sierra (dark gray), Tundra (gray), Costa (golden brown) and Mesa (red brown). | (800) 332-5724



Ozz 319 Aq Skimmer Lids Sm2

Skimmer Lids
Homeowners can say goodbye to unsightly metal grates and bulky, plastic skimmer lids. HIDE, a sophisticated new line from Skimmer Lids, offers innovative lids for skimmers, drains and access points. The HIDE inlay lids can be fitted with tiles, timber or concrete to match the surrounding landscape, creating a luxurious, uninterrupted outdoor space. | (07) 3807-2551



Aaa 319 Aq Stain Drop Sm2

Stain Drop
The Stain Drop Stain Removal Verification Test Kit uses four topical (pool surface) tests using three proven stain-removing products to determine the correct stain-removing product(s) to remove the pool stain. It allows pool professionals and pool owners to verify the correct treatment needed for a particular pool stain without the guesswork. Each S.R.V. Kit contains three packets of three powerful stain removers and six dosing pouches (for wall or deep water stains). Comes complete with a detailed instructional booklet. | (800) 333-0400



Bbb 319 Aq Water Tech Corp Sm2

Water Tech Corp
The Water Tech Volt FX-2 is an affordable battery-powered spa cleaner that, with its optional microfilter bags, removes sand, silt and even algae. It incorporates incredible new developments in small pool and spa cleaning technology to keep spas sparkling clean and users healthy and happy, the company says. Powered by five D-cell batteries, the Volt FX-2 runs up to two-and-a-half continuous hours. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty. | (800) 298-8800


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