December 2013: New and Updated Spa and Pool Products 205-4520

ControlOMatic is pleased to announce the availability of its new ChlorMaker — an inline spa saltwater system specifically designed to retrofit any spa equipped with a 24-hour circulation system. ChlorMaker is conveniently installed within the spa cabinet for complete concealment, and the easy-to-use control panel mounts on the skirting for simple chlorine or bromine adjustment. ChlorMaker is designed with adjustable output, automatic self-cleaning, salt level indication and usage boost mode which dramatically reduces spa maintenance typically associated with traditional sanitation methods, the company says. 407-9964

Battling dull, cloudy water? APi suggests CLOUD-OUT, its specially blended formula that restores water clarity in swimming pools. The quickly dissolving granules clear cloudy water fast without affecting water balance, and stay active for seven to 10 days, the company says. Compatible with all sanitizers and pool chemicals including salt, chlorine, bromine, biguanide, ozone, UV and minerals, CLOUD-OUT is also effective in removing clear, white and pink deposits without closing the pool. The product is available in a 2 lb. size that treats 12,000 gallons.


SeaKlear has added a new product to its line of Mighty Pods with its new Mighty Pods Hot Tub Weekly Care. The new Mighty Pods contain powerful, environmentally friendly SeaKlear water treatment products encapsulated in an easy-to-use, convenient, water-soluble film — so the pods dissolve in hot tub water in just minutes. The new Hot Tub Weekly Care product provides everything needed to prevent the three most common spa water issues — cloudy water, phosphate control and scummy build-up — while eliminating the guesswork bottled chemicals require, the company says. One package contains 4 pods that each treat up to 500 gallons of water.

Beachcomber Hot TubsBeachcomber Hot 663-6557

Beachcomber Hot Tubs has released a new sound system for hot tubs called the QSS AirConnect Surround Sound System. Powered by Bluetooth technology, the system connects wirelessly, allowing users to fully control their music from their hot tub while the device remains safe behind a self-closing, watertight door in the device storage station. The system connects to several surround sound speakers for an ideal listening experience, and an auxiliary input option is also available to connect devices that lack Bluetooth technology.

PQN EnterprisesPQN 794-6475


PQN Enterprises is excited to announce the industry’s first in-spa audio speaker with LED accents. Designed with same wall-fitting design as other spa components, the SPA24TR allows integration with the spa industry’s most popular LED lighting systems by mating hi-tech audio construction with a translucent body. The Spa24TR accepts up to 4 LED bullet lights; no additional LED trim ring is needed, and no additional hardware is required for installation. SPA24 speakers are available in assorted models.

Marquis SpasMarquis 275-0888

Marquis is proud to announce its e-Series hot tubs are emerging from a complete exterior transformation. From the lip, the walls, seats, and headrests all the way to the footwell, the entire interior boasts a geometric edginess, the company says. In addition, a new, chiseled filter cover has been added, and the jet faces and topside controls have an e-wave design. Finally, the spa controls have been simplified for easier use.

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