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According to a Gallup poll commissioned by APSP, safety is a primary concern among both potential and existing pool owners. When asked whether they would worry about the safety of their children or grandchildren in a backyard pool, more than six in 10 non-owners said yes. Pool owners felt similarly; 55 percent reported they felt "concerned" or "strongly concerned" about safety.

With families being the largest demographic for a pool and/or spa purchase, it's imperative for industry pros to ready themselves with products that help assuage these concerns. From covers and latches to alarms and locks, there are plenty of ways you can help keep the backyard safe and give families peace of mind.



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LOOP-LOC's Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh with maximum light blocking technology deters algae growth and ensures a cleaner pool in spring when the cover comes off. Its unique, new weave mesh is super-strong, but 50 percent lighter than solid safety covers. Available in popular green and new sapphire navy colors, Aqua-Xtreme drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging. | (800) LOC-LOOP



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Pentair Commercial Aquatics
Pentair Commercial Aquatics offers the AquaTRAM 90 pool access lift that rotates 90 degrees left or right for easy pool access. Improved lift reach clears spa benches and most gutter types. Retrofits easily into existing anchors and is removable without tools. Rechargeable battery-powered operation. 300-lb. lifting capacity. Fully ADA compliant. | (800) 831-7133



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Tara Safety Covers
Tara Safety Covers give you the opportunity to brand your solid and mesh covers with your logo and contact information. These colorful, eye-catching labels will ensure that your safety cover customers know who to call when they need their pool opened in the spring. Best of all, it's free. | (866) 725-8272



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The new T4 automatic pool cover system from Cover-Pools offers high performance and ultimate durability with the added benefit of a smaller footprint. Specifically suited to work with stainless steel cable, the T4 offers greater flexibility and increased space efficiency while making a big impact. | (801) 484-2724



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Latham Pool Products
An automatic safety cover is the safest product available for a pool. Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists brands offer industry-leading quality and features, like Wireless Touch Pads, auto shut-off and a two-year no-break warranty on ropes. In some states, an automatic cover can be used in lieu of a fence or other barrier. Latham also offers solid and mesh safety covers. | (800) 833-3800



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Pool Cover Specialists
The Pool Cover Specialists Infinity 4000 is a masterpiece of worry free engineering. Simply turn a key and a Pool Cover Specialists pool cover will effortlessly open and close in seconds. Specifically designed to be the most maintenance-free cover system on the market, the Infinity 4000 also includes the most powerful, waterproof motor in the industry with patented smart technology. It calculates and dials in the precise amount of power needed for any size pool. | (800) 617-7283



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SmartPool offers a comprehensive safety product lineup. Its custom and standard safety covers are UL-certified and manufactured with triple-stitched webbing. SmartPool's safety nets are a viable alternative to a safety cover and are often the only reasonable safety solution for your aboveground pool customer. Fencing and alarms are also available. | (888) 560-7665



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Merlin Industries
Merlin's standard mesh Dura-Mesh II has the best combination of sunlight shading, abrasion resistance, tear strength and burst strength, the company says. In addition, the patented SmartMesh safety cover is the first and only mesh material to provide 100 percent shade from sunlight and offer 40 micron filtration of debris. | (800) 289-1836



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The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing. | (908) 707-1122



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Vacless Systems
Vacless Systems manufactures and sells safety vacuum release systems. These SVRS devices can be used on residential as well as commercial pools, spas and water features. The Vacless unit requires no tools, no cutting of existing plumbing and no calibration upon installation. Units are certified and meet the requirements for the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Vacless is a CPSC-approved SVRS manufacturer. | (818) 701-6200



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All GLI Safety Covers are now branded with a laser-etched, stainless-steel tag with the option of including up to four lines of your company's contact information. No more lost sales or service when homeowners move — the new owners will be able to easily find where the cover came from and when a cover was made. Tags also include the cover's born-on date and reorder number for easy reference. | (800) 448-2343



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Automatic Pool Covers
The APC 365 safety auto cover is designed specifically for vinyl-lined pools; its slide-on poly box housing saves installers time and keeps the lid perfectly flush with the deck. Comes complete with a high-density poly box, coping, electric motor drive, flush lid, premium grade vinyl, Invisa-Rope and PowerTouch operation to secure the pool in 45 seconds. | (800) 878-5789



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McEwen Industries
McEwen Super Solid is the strongest and most puncture-resistant solid cover fabric, the company says. Surprisingly, this durable material makes for a lighter weight cover than traditional solid cover fabrics, which saves time and makes cover installation and removal easier. Available in green, blue and tan colors. | (704) 365-8070



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Beautiful and functional designer rails are configured to fit traditional rail anchor sockets for fast, easy replacement. Six powdercoat colors are available, or customers can upgrade to a thermoplastic coating to avoid corrosion on salt-generator pools. Call for display rails to put in your truck before the season starts. | (800) 737-5386



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Hurricane Pool Covers
Hurricane offers the best aboveground winter cover, the company says. Guaranteed to withstand wind up to 50 mph, this cover features a patented, self-draining design. A solid winter cover for inground pools is also available; it is designed to replace tarps with water bags to give the customer a more affordable option. | (270) 827-5553



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D&D Technologies
The MagnaLatch ALERT Series 3 Top Pull Safety Gate Latch is among the world's most trusted child safety gate latches. It features dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. Homeowners can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, if a gate is not secured. | (800) 716-0888



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Imperial Pools
Imperial focuses on safety with "deep end relief." The company manufactures a full line of stock and custom, steel or polymer, deep-end benches for new pool construction or as drop-in retrofits for existing pools. A bench in the deep end is the perfect rest area for little ones just learning how to swim. | (800) 444-9977



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Meyco Pool Covers
RuggedMesh offers the best of both worlds — the flexibility of a light-weight mesh cover plus the durability of a solid cover. RuggedMesh covers weigh almost 50 percent less than typical solid safety covers and have a special weave that allows water to drain from the surface while filtering out finer particles. The result is cleaner water with less maintenance. | (800) 446-3926



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Smartop offers a unique Steel Cable Lock System that provides ultimate security for a hot tub by preventing unauthorized or unsupervised use. The easy-to-use steel cable lockdown straps are secured with a combination padlock (included). This built-in feature is excellent for vacation and family homes. Made in the U.S. | (888) 965-6694



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Garrett Vinyl Liners & Safety Covers
Garrett Safety Covers offer unmatched performance, protection and peace of mind, the company says. With 12 styles and colors to choose from, your custom fit safety cover is made with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Each cover features a triple-stitched, double-woven system for strength and longevity. | (800) 222-3650



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Paragon custom-fabricated, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel railings are designed to be used for any pool application including entry, ADA compliance, stairs, deck guards and diving towers. Available in both 1.9-inch outside diameter and 1.5-inch outside diameter as needed. Design and engineering support readily available. | (800) 831-7133



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Leisure Concepts
Make spa entry and exit safer with Safe-T-Rail II, an ultra-sturdy handrail equipped with its own built-in, slide-under-the-spa stand, eliminating the need to mount it to the spa. Includes a slip-free, foam grip for additional safety. Available in stainless steel or rust-free powder-coated aluminum. Made in the U.S. | (800) 469-2428



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Aquamatic Cover Systems
Since 1980, Aquamatic Cover Systems has provided peace of mind to families around the world with both the Hydramatic hydraulic automatic and EZ-Cover manual safety swimming pool and spa covers, the company says. Both covers are third-party verified to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety, and both satisfy pool barrier codes throughout the U.S. and Canada. | (800) 262-4044



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Inter-Fab Commercial Aquatics
The Swim-Assist Excel Long Reach 42-300 is a premier pool ADA compliant pool lift with an anchor setback up to 42 inches and a 300 lb. weight limit. Beautifully designed for inground anchoring, it features 360-degree rotation, wall clearance up to 26 inches and a 15-inch deck-to-water clearance. Optional solar charging available. | (800) 737-5386



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The RenoSys SoftSide Diving Board Safety Pad System is designed to protect swimmers from dive stand or water-play area falls of up to 12 feet. CPSC ASTM drop testing confirms that the safety pads eliminate 97 percent of critical injuries and 100 percent of fatalities from head impact due to falls from heights of up to three meters. The system is endorsed by Dr. Tom Griffiths. | (800) 783-7005


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