Virginia to Implement Comprehensive Pool and Spa Code

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The International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC), a comprehensive model swimming pool and spa code covering all types of aquatic vessels, including residential and public pools, waterparks and portable and inground spas, has been adopted in the state of Virginia and Washington, DC.

While the code is in force at the local government level in some areas of the country, Virginia is the first to adopt the code statewide.

Developed jointly with APSP and the International Code Council (ICC), the ISPSC establishes minimum regulations for the aquatic industry.  It combines the relevant provisions of the IRC, IBC, IPC, IMC, and APSP standards, serving as a fully-integrated document for pool and spa safety.

The ISPSC is designed to provide one comprehensive, consistent set of rules for the many thousands of jurisdictions in the country to adopt. DC has already begun enforcing the code ruling, and Virginia will begin enforcement July 14, 2014.

“As a pool builder, this is really good news,” said Jason Vaughan, president of National Pools of Roanoke, Inc. “It makes good business sense because there are consistent standards by which to build or install, and it’s good for the consumer because it ensures safety standards.”

“APSP’s priority is to make sure the ISPSC is adopted across the 50 states,” said APSP Senior Director of Technical & Standards Carvin DiGiovanni. “We are committed to providing pool, spa and hot tub manufacturers and contractors consistent standards by which to ensure consumer safety, production and installation efficiency and guidance for sensible legislation and regulation.”

“The ISPSC integrates the widely used design and safety features of both the APSP standards and the I-Codes,” said Dominic Sims, CBO, CEO of the International Code Council, which partners with APSP and other leading organizations in the development of the ISPSC.  “Code uniformity results in more consistent contractor training and certification, and is more cost-effective. By adopting the ISPSC, the industry and the public benefit from nationwide uniformity, advances in safety and technology, and for the first time, unprecedented protection for users of residential and public pools and spas.”

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