Clear Comfort Announces Acquisition of Silver Bullet Water Treatment

Clear Comfort Silve Bullet

Clear Comfort has announced the acquisition of Silver Bullet Water Treatment, a leading provider of AOP-driven solutions for agricultural, livestock drinking water and cooling tower applications. The combination of the two companies provides a comprehensive portfolio of AOP solutions and catapults Clear Comfort as the market leader of healthy and sustainable water treatment to the Play and Thrive industries.

“This acquisition will bring customers the leading health and sustainability solutions for applications in the Play and Thrive water sectors,” says Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “By combining the strengths of Silver Bullet and Clear Comfort, we have created the world’s leading provider of AOP solutions for water treatment including recreational, agricultural, and cooling applications and more.”

Together, Clear Comfort and Silver Bullet’s expertise and innovations are raising standards and expectations for water treatment to meet customer and market demands for health, sustainability, safety and ease. The acquisition allows Clear Comfort to expand its offerings and deliver a complete suite of unique industrial-strength water treatment solutions that utilize its patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP technology. 

With the addition of Silver Bullet’s advanced capabilities, Clear Comfort will introduce a new level of performance and quality for everything from hot tubs to water parks as well as complete industrial solutions for agricultural greenhouses, livestock drinking water, cooling tower applications and more.

Brad Walsh, CEO of Silver Bullet, will transition to serve on the board of Clear Comfort bringing strong alignment and synergy for the new combined organization. 

“We are excited to join forces with Clear Comfort. The combined organizations will allow us to deliver our clients with the best AOP solutions on the market,” says Brad Walsh, CEO of Silver Bullet Water Treatment. “We are confident that this acquisition will create a powerful and comprehensive suite of solutions that benefit both the Play and Thrive industries.” 

As part of the acquisition, Clear Comfort will be able to continue to leverage, serve and expand Silver Bullet’s existing customer base and widen its reach into new markets and a diverse set of  industries. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the Silver Bullet team into the Clear Comfort family,” says Berens. “This acquisition will enable us to diversify our offerings, grow our customer base, and strengthen our position as the leader in sustainable AOP water treatment for those who Play and Thrive.”

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