Smart Pool Services Enters the Sunshine State

Smart Pool Services (“SPS”), a rapidly-expanding North American pool company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Coastal Pool Service and Maintenance, a premier pool repair and maintenance company located in Cape Coral, Fla. This is the first acquisition for SPS in Florida, and represents their tenth investment in the pool industry, as they continue to partner with pool companies across the Sun Belt.

Founded by Randy and Eva Thomas in 2011, Coastal Pool Service and Maintenance is a provider of pool care in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas of Florida. Randy and Eva’s team of skilled professionals now join SPS. “My wife and I are stepping away from the pool maintenance business, but we still retain equity in Smart Pool," says Thomas, president of Coastal Pool Service and Maintenance. “We now get to watch our legacy continue to grow, while we can rest assured that our staff and customers will be looked after. That was the most important thing for us.”

Fraser Ramseyer, SPS founder and CEO, added, “What Randy and Eva have managed to build over the last decade is a credit to them. We look forward to continuing their proud history of success, and couldn’t ask for a better business with whom to start our expansion into Florida.”

To join the Smart Pool Team today, or simply receive a complimentary valuation of your business, email Fraser Ramseyer at [email protected]. To read more about Smart Pool Services, click here.

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