United Aqua Group Partners With Aiper Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Aiper, a global creator of innovative cordless robotic pool cleaners, and United Aqua Group (UAG), one of the nation’s largest professional pool construction, retail, and service industry organizations, together announce a new strategic partnership. Announced during the United Aqua Group Annual Conference in Marco Island, Fla. (February 25-29), where Aiper was the official sponsor, the new collaboration will give UAG members across America access to advanced technologies designed to achieve a more efficient way of tackling pool maintenance through smarter product solutions, specifically the Aiper line of cordless robotic pool cleaners. As such, members can shop for Aiper products on the UAG website at an affordable price point.

“UAG is proud to partner with Aiper, a distinguished trailblazer in technology and innovation,” says Craig Goodson, president of the United Aqua Group. “We are excited to align with a company that sees the future, fosters consumer engagement through an impactful social presence, and consistently delivers the highest quality products.”

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Aiper says all of the company's robots are designed to not only be sleek and cord-free but also easy to use, specifically featuring single button activations, powerful motor systems, self-parking capabilities, simple debris collection/disposal, and quick charge. Aiper’s product line of pool cleaners "includes options for any size pool or budget, and provides a guaranteed clean by picking up bugs, hair, dirt, and more from the pool’s floors and walls," the company says.

Perfect for aboveground pools, the Scuba L1 is ideal for scrubbing the floor of small and mid-sized pools, while the Scuba N1 Ultra systematically cleans commercial sized pools up to 2,150 square feet with Aiper’s patented WavePath Navigation Technology 2.0. and Horizontal WaterlineCleaning Technology. For hard-to-reach spots like stairs, the Pilot V2 helps users target stubborn debris through its hand-held design and powerful cleaning modes. To ensure the pool is left sparkling, the Surfer M1 glides across the pool surface to capture unwanted floating fragments of leaves, bugs, and flower pedals.

“We know what goes into pool maintenance and that it can be a laborious task. That’s why we at Aiper take pride in developing innovative technologies that can expedite the pool cleaning process to make it even easier for both pool industry professionals and pool owners alike,” says Richard Wang, CEO and founder of Aiper. “We are looking forward to fostering this relationship and making our products even more accessible to those in the pool industry.”

To kick-off the event and the new partnership, Aiper was the official sponsor of the Welcome Reception, the conference’s cocktail hour at Tiki Beach where the event’s theme of “Celebrating Success” came to life with cocktails, fresh hors d’oeuvres, and guests embracing the “White Party” dress code. Demos of the Aiper robots were also provided at the conference trade show for attendees to enjoy and view the cutting-edge technology firsthand.

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