Pool Nation Announces New Partner

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Pool Nation is thrilled to announce Hayward, global manufacturer and marketer of a broad portfolio of pool and outdoor living technology, as its newest visionary partner. 

"We are honored to collaborate with Hayward," says John Flawless, owner of J&J Flawless Pools and co-founder of the Pool Nation podcast. "Their commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach positions them as a perfect ally in our joint mission to advance the pool service industry."

Pool Nation founded in 2020, produces a podcast, training events, award shows, and other educational endeavors. 

"The pool industry is an expansive community with a wealth of knowledgeable professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to help others," says co-founder Edgar De Jesus. "Building relationships and partnerships requires active engagement, and it's remarkable that even pool service competitors are willing to collaborate because they understand the mutual benefits of working together. You don't see that a lot in other industries." 

According to Pool Nation founders, Hayward aligns perfectly with their three foundational principles:

  • Financial Success for Pool Professionals
  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment
  • Elevating the Pool Service Industry

"This partnership represents a powerful collaboration that will undoubtedly benefit pool professionals and the industry as a whole," adds Zac Nicklas, who co-owns The Pool Boys in League City, Texas. 

For more information on Pool Nation's collaboration with Hayward, the company's programs and how to get involved, please visit PoolNation.com

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