Skimmer Unveils State of Pool Service 2024 Report

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Skimmer, a leading platform for pool service professionals, proudly announces the launch of its inaugural edition of the State of Pool Service report. This comprehensive study, drawing insights from a survey of 1,700 pool pros, sheds light on the dynamic landscape of the pool service industry in 2024.

In a year fraught with challenges, the report highlights critical trends shaping the industry, emphasizing strategies for navigating rising costs, business structuring, technological adaptation, marketing, and talent acquisition. 

Key Findings: 

  • Navigating Rising Costs: While 73% of respondents reported increased revenue in 2023, rising operational costs loom large as a major challenge. Nearly 74% of pool pros are poised to counter this by planning price adjustments in 2024 to sustain revenue streams.
  • Strategic Business Models: The report underscores the pivotal role of strategic pricing models in differentiating successful businesses. Understanding and effectively utilizing pricing models, such as per stop, per month, with or without chemicals, will be instrumental in staying competitive.
  • Growth Strategies: Diverse strategies are in play to bolster net profits and gross revenue, ranging from expanding services and refining operations to increasing marketing budgets and route acquisitions.
  • Labor Market Challenges: With a highly competitive labor market, attracting and retaining talent is a pressing concern. While 52% plan to hire in 2024, retention strategies are crucial to combat turnover.
  • Untapped Marketing Potential: Despite the effectiveness of word-of-mouth and referral-based marketing, only 35% of respondents currently invest in paid advertising. The report underscores the untapped potential for pool pros in leveraging paid marketing channels.
  • Digital Evolution: An overwhelming 75% of respondents reported utilizing software for business management, highlighting the industry's digital shift. Moreover, the preference for non-cash transactions and increased online purchasing signifies a big shift towards digital operations management. 

"As the pool service industry grapples with new challenges and opportunities, our State of Pool Service report equips professionals with actionable insights to navigate this volatility successfully. By leveraging these strategies, businesses can not only weather the storm of rising costs but also thrive in an evolving industry," says Jack Nelson, CEO of Skimmer. 

Download the full report here! 


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