WaterGuru Launches Commercial Business Unit

WaterGuru, a market leader in empowering swimming pool owners with the ability to achieve resort-quality swimming water conditions, announced a new commercial division that sells the company's SENSE Series 2 smart pool monitor directly to hotel, resort and property management companies, apartment and condominium HOA's, country clubs, pool builders and pool service firms.

"The SENSE system is a game changer," says WaterGuru customer Billy Parris, who manages resort properties for Venture Resorts. "The pools at the properties I manage used to make me nervous. The chemicals are not easy to gauge the old-fashioned way and accuracy is of paramount importance. What if someone got sick from one of your swimming pools? The SENSE system helps us avoid that liability, gives us an opportunity to provide our guests with better experiences, and improves our record from a health department standpoint. We identify and solve the problem before anyone even knows it's a problem."

WaterGuru recently launched the second generation of its SENSE smart pool monitor, the Series 2, which expands the testing regiment from two pool water chemistry parameters (chlorine and pH) to five (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and CYA). In addition, it monitors and reports pool temperature and water flow. SENSE Series 2's expanded capabilities offers users an affordable and robust water health monitoring system and allows users to manage large portfolios of pools at scale.

Grant Linder, owner of a pool service company that installs WaterGuru SENSE devices in clients' pools, says that "by having the WaterGuru SENSE in the water at each pool, I don't necessarily have to worry about pH. I can read the chlorine and all the other data points every day. I know if we're getting low, or if something's getting to the point where I need to go to that pool to check on it. I mean, work smarter, not harder, right?"

The CDC's guidelines for operating public pools and hot tubs state that owners must maintain:

  • Free chlorine levels continuously between 1:3 parts per million
  • The pH level of the water at 7.2 to 7.8 and must test chemicals at least twice per day (hourly when in heavy use)
  • Accurate records of disinfectant/pH measurements and maintenance activities

"The CDC's guidelines are more intense for commercial operators than they are for consumers and for good reason," says WaterGuru CMO Jeff Siegel. "Things can go wrong quickly in a shared pool, and especially in a hot tub, where many people share the same, small, heated body of water. That is a major liability risk for hotel and property managers, including those who outsource pool maintenance. Given the high volatility of pool water, having a management dashboard that displays the pool health data empowers hotel and property managers to always be in the know, and to ensure actions are taken when needed. This also provides a tool to gauge the performance of contracted pool service providers who are challenged to maintain pool health without being on-site frequently."

For more information about WaterGuru's new commercial program, contact Jeff Siegel at [email protected].

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