ControlOMatic and The Hypochlorous Company Team Up to Offer Premier Water Sanitation Systems

Control Omatic

An unprecedented Hypochlorous Generator system for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs has been brought to the U.S. market by two American companies working together: ControlOMatic, Inc. of Grass Valley, Calif., and The Hypochlorous Company of Lawrence, Kan. These two U.S. companies are working together to offer this exciting new product to customers who are seeking to avoid the introduction of hazardous, toxic or corrosive chemicals into their pools, spas and hot tubs.

ControlOMatic has been providing premier saltwater chlorine generation systems for pools and spas since 2005. “The introduction of the new Hypochlorous Generation System further expands the ability of ControlOMatic to serve the needs of our customers,” says Melinda Kohnke, CEO of ControlOMatic. “Hypochlorous has been approved by the EPA for disinfecting swimming pool, spa and hot tub water, and provides an extra level of purity and safety to the pool and spa experience.”

The Hypochlorous Generators utilize a highly purified mineral additive in place of pool salt that is typically used with saltwater systems. “The Hypochlorous Generators require a one-time dose of additive,” says Scott Anderson, CEO of The Hypochlorous Company. “The Hypochlorous Generators then recycle the additive over and over again, which replaces the need to routinely add chemicals to keep the water sanitized — saving the customer money and making for a healthier swim and spa water environment.”

ControlOMatic manufactures and programs the new Hypochlorous Generators to the specs that work with The Hypochlorous Company’s proprietary additive. The result is the proper level of hypochlorous concentration in the swimming pool or spa that is extremely effective in keeping the water sanitized 24/7, while ensuring the safety of the pool and spa users.

“The science behind this remarkable combination of safety and effectiveness,” says Mrs. Kohnke, “is that the Hypochlorous molecule is the same molecule that is produced by white blood cells to protect people from invading pathogens. We have found a way to put that exact same molecule into your swimming pool or spa!”

While expanding their product line with hypochlorous generation, ControlOMatic will continue to innovate and expand its line of saltwater chlorination systems. The Hypochlorous Company will also add saltwater chlorination systems to its line of Hypochlorous Generators. The two companies working together are able to safely and naturally expand their presence into additional commercial and residential swimming pool, spa and hot tub markets across the United States.

The companies have facilities located in California, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas and Pennsylvania. For more information go to and

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